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Why Choose Sterling?

Sterling knows that if your vehicle isn’t working, it isn’t earning money, and if it doesn’t perform the way you need, it’s reducing your efficiency. We understand what mobile professionals want from their vehicles. We listen and offer innovative, productivity-boosting solutions. Whether you’re fitting a commercial van, looking for a truck cap that suits your particular line of work, or you just need commercial vehicle accessories that make the job easier, we can help you Get More Done.

Every mobile business has unique needs and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why we carry a wide range of products like slip-in caps and canopies to van shelving and wall lining kits from well-known and well-respected manufacturers. If nothing off-the-shelf is quite right, we have the tools and skills to design and install fully custom solutions. If you’d like to see samples of our work, ask about our demonstration vehicles.

Our approach is to minimize time off the road and do the job right the first time. When you ask us to outfit your vehicle we start by planning thoroughly. We communicate frequently so you know what’s going on. We work with your schedule, adapt to your workload and we never start a job until we know we can complete it when promised. Further, we understand the frustration of returning to get problems fixed, so we make sure they don’t happen.

Ultimately we want you to Get More Done! We want to help you on your path to success. Contact Us today to learn how we can add value.

Sterling Fleet Outfitters: The Difference Makers

  • Industry Experts
  • We are constantly innovating new and existing products
  • We help you minimize your overall costs
  • Industry leading turn around times
  • We Make it easy – we offer personalized builds & help with sector packages
  • Fleet Consulting
  • North America Wide Coverage
  • Top Product Range
  • Help Fleet Managers with Fleet Standardization
  • Excellent relationships with Lease Companies & Dealerships

What We’re Known For

Prompt Customer Service:
At any point of the vehicle upfit process, our dedicated team will be able to provide you with in-depth and up-to date information regarding your vehicle status. We are available by phone, email or text!

On-Site Visits:
We understand time = money! If you don’t have time to visit our premise and showroom, we have dedicated staff that can visit you with our two fully upfitted demo vans. If you’re located in the lower mainland, and would like us to visit you, contact us here.

Experts In Design & Layouts:
Since starting the business, we’ve gained an immense knowledge of the vehicle transformation process. We know the questions to ask, the protocols to follow, and what works best. We will work with you to design an upfit and that suits you and your needs! We want you to be as efficient as possible; and it all starts with how your upfit is designed.

Increased Safety:
We follow the latest vehicle safety rules, and monitor any changes closely. Products such as safety partitions can be the difference between major and minor incidents. Talk to us today to learn how we can keep your team safe!

Increased Billable Hours:
Don’t waste any time at the job site searching through you vehicle. With our upfits, every tool/part/screw has a place. This will allow you to spend less time searching, and more time working. You will be able to visit more job sites, and Get More Done by using Sterling Fleet Outfitters.

Diverse Products:
Wholly focused on mobile solutions, we source components and systems from many different suppliers to better meet the needs of our customers. From shelving and inverters to truck caps, we have the resources to make you – and your business – more productive.

Seamless Service:
When you choose Sterling Fleet Outfitters, we’re with you all the way from defining your needs, to installing the equipment. With our industry-leading warranty coverage, we’re there for you afterwards, too.

Having trouble with employee retention? Click here for some helpful tips.

Our commercial outfitting products meet standards set by Ford, GM and Dodge. That means they qualify for incentive and rebate programs that can yield big savings for you. Contact Us for more info!

North America Coverage:
Whether you live near our facility or in Alaska, Prince George or Florida, not a problem! Our products can be professionally installed at our facility, or we can ship it straight to your door! It’s that easy to get your vehicles upfitted with the best product range at Sterling!

Who we work with


Fleet Mangers:
Sterling specializes in standardization, throughout capacity & vehicle packages. Be rest assured, every time you purchase a vehicle it will be in the hands of your technicians in no time. We have nationwide service agents that will minimize any downtime you might encounter if any issues arise while your tech is on the road. We work with you to design packages that fit your business, maximize cargo space, and most importantly, have the facility to outfit your fleet in a timely fashion.


Owners/Operators & Technicians:
Minimize downtime, maximize efficiency and Get More Done. That’s what every one of our designed and built products will do for you. We understand a vehicle off the road is costing you money. We stand by our fit & finish, design layouts and outfitting process that will ensure you get more from your vehicle. We offer customized, innovative solutions for work trucks and service vans.


Fleet Leasing Companies:
Managing a fleet? Time and the bottom line are two of your largest concerns, we get that. We understand your pressures, deadlines and problems. From arranging transport, vehicle build updates, virtual or in-persons handovers, and warranty issues – we do it all! Think of Sterling as your one-stop-shop for all vehicle upfitting and logistics. We provide a seamless service that allows you to shine to your customer.

Fleet Capacity

Businesses that operate vehicle fleets often have particular needs. A consistent look helps communicate the business identity, while a standardized layout boosts productivity, especially when work crews switch between vehicles. Sometimes there’s a need to have vehicles highly specialized for particular duties while still retaining the uniformity. When an outfitter treats every project as a one-off, it’s hard to achieve those levels of uniformity and consistency. At Sterling, whether the fleet is two or two hundred vehicles, we have the capacity, resources and processes to give Fleet Managers what they need. Learn More here.








Our Process

1. Consult

2. Schedule

3. Install

4. Delivery

Quality workmanship is integral to what we do. Our process ensures every project is planned thoroughly. We prepare rigorously before your vehicle arrives and we get the job done to the standard you'd expect.
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Sterling Values

  • Innovative | We are courageous and dare to try new things. We lead the industry in bringing unique solutions to our customer’s needs.
  • Honest | We won’t compromise our honesty. We admit when we make a mistake and will make it right.
  • Winners | We strive to be the best! Give 150% effort to win and solve tough challenges.
  • Professional | We are respectful and professional every day.
  • Happiness | We smile and are friendly. Work should be fun, challenging and safe.

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