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What You’ll Find At Sterling

Commercial Vehicle Outfitting

What You’ll Find At Sterling

Sterling Fleet Outfitters

When looking for a commercial vehicle outfitting, you’ll usually be looking to check off certain criteria. Your main concerns may include location, vehicle security or possibly nearby activities if you’re waiting for installation. At Sterling, we make the choice easy.

Our Location

Sterling is centrally located on the Langley and Surrey border, almost exactly in the middle of Downtown Vancouver and Chilliwack for ease of vehicle drop-off and pick-up. We chose this location to serve the lower mainland and provide easy access to the border for customers in the United States of America. We have strategically placed ourselves in the middle of our service area to provide you with the simplest route. In addition, the industrial area makes bringing fleets and ship-through orders seamless for transportation companies.

Waiting for Installation for Commercial Vehicle Outfitting

Many of our customers will wait for their vehicle to be completed. If they’re not upfitting a new van, they often return to make additions to their builds. That means these orders or other small installations can usually be done within the same day.

sterling's location

Although we are in an industrial area, we are very close to shopping malls, parks and other activities. We are less than a ten-minute drive from the Willowbrook Shopping Centre, Hi-Knoll Driving Range, and Hi-Knoll Park. Rather than sitting and waiting, we suggest you do some window shopping, perfect your golf swing or get some exercise by taking a nature walk. Most of these options are a walkable distance from our building.

Our Commercial Vehicle Outfitting Facility

One significant difference between Sterling and our competitors is the level of vehicle care and security. Other vehicle outfitters will simply store your vehicle in an open lot or even on the street. We take a different approach to this. While in your upfitter’s care, your company assets should be kept safe. Our facility is equipped with two locked gates and lined with barbed-wire-topped chain-link fencing. Furthermore, our property is only accessible from the front on 192 street. We are surrounded by other company lots on the remaining sides of our property, reducing viable access points for thieves. Has your upfitter taken steps to secure your asset?


At Sterling, we put you first. We have built our business on the satisfaction of our customers. Just seconds from major travelling routes, we are easy to find and near many types of businesses and entertainment. Most importantly, we ensure the security of your vehicle. Contact us to see how we can help you get more done.

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