Plumber Van Equipment Upfit Options

Plumber Van Equipment

Upfit Options For Plumber Van Equipment

Plumber Van Equipment Upfit Options

Plumber Van Equipment

Stay focused on the task at hand and minimize downtime on site.

Everyone has experienced getting to the job site and realizing the parts you need are not available to you. When you convert your commercial work van to a mobile workshop with Sterling, we make sure you have the proper plumber van equipment to store all the parts you need to prevent this scenario. With all this storage, carry stock of commonly used parts and fitments for many projects.

You may never have downtime again! Keeping parts ready will increase your reputation as always being prepared and reliable. Let’s talk if you are looking for options.

Sterling specializes in custom-built plumber van equipment for tradespeople that need to boost productivity on the job. When you are out in the field working, you need easy access to your tools and equipment.

Having spare parts on hand for common repair jobs is a necessity to optimize your workflow. Get more jobs done in the day by safely securing all your tools, parts and gear using our plumber van equipment. Sterling includes loadout upfit options for plumber vans including most all major commercial work vans.

As an industry leader in commercial van equipment, Sterling is dedicated to making sure your work vehicle is safe, secure and productive.

Plumber Van Equipment Upfit
Build options include the following:

Our commercial van equipment installers upfit a ProMaster

Maximize Your Productivity

When comparing plumber van equipment packages, quality matters. Sterling takes extra care to make sure your commercial van is customized to your specifications.

Our talented installers, informative sales force and customer service are available when you need them to keep you informed on the status of your order.

We offer many options for customizing plumber van upfit options to your needs, have a look at our van outfitting options.

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Talk to one of Sterling’s knowledgeable team members today to get started on your next vehicle outfit. We go through the entire process with you; from designing a layout, quoting & scheduling to in-person or virtual handovers. Get Started by contacting us here.

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