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HVAC Van Equipment

Upfit Options For HVAC Van Equipment

HVAC Van Equipment

When it comes to HVAC van equipment, let’s face it, you generally need to have constant access to as much of your cargo space as possible. Occasionally hauling larger repair items and appliances like AC units, water heaters and more means that you need parts storage solutions that are easily accessible yet leave room for some of these larger items.

Our shelving and tool storage units are designed with security in mind. Keeping your equipment locked and stored away protects your tools from damage and theft.

At Sterling, our entire staff from our professional installers to our knowledgeable sales team and courteous customer service are here to help you get your vehicle upfit planned and executed with the utmost care and efficiency.

Sterling is your best bet when comes to upfitting commercial vehicles with the proper HVAC van equipment you need. Our helpful staff is here to help you customize your upfit with all the storage and security solutions you need to keep your work vehicle safe and your equipment properly stowed.

Sterling is here to help you Get More Done! Whether that be; more billable hours, increased efficiency, staff retention or increased storage systems! Get in touch with us today and learn how we can add value.

HVAC Van Equipment Upfit
Build options include the following:

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Get Piece of Mind

HVAC work typically requires the need to maintain a stock of commonly used parts on hand for simple repairs. Our storage and shelving options allow you to keep those parts sorted and ready when and where you need them. Maintain productivity and get more jobs done in the day by upfitting your commercial van transforming it into a mobile workshop.

Sterling offers many options for customizing HVAC van equipment to your needs, have a look at our products.

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