Vebabox: The Refrigerated Van Insert

Based on our 20 years of experience we know that if you deliver temperature sensitive products, you will want to know about Vebabox.

The Vebabox is a self-contained cooling box that runs off of your vehicle’s power to maintain a consistent temperature and maintain the integrity of your goods. The install process for a Vebabox is a fraction of the cost of converting a commercial van into a refrigerated vehicle.


How does Vebabox work?

The refrigeration unit attaches easily to a rectangular cut-out made at the back end of the VebaBox. It utilizes the 12V power in your van while on delivery and will switch to standby power once parked. If you require power for longer stops Sterling also has a shore-power option.

The unit holds an internal temperature of 2-25*C, to ensure your products will stay fresh and at the temperature of your choice.

You may be thinking that the refrigeration being at the back of this unit may not be the best location for those who like to shove as many boxes in as they can. The Vebabox is designed with a nearly unnoticeable lip on its floor to prevent interference with the refrigeration unit. In the unlikely event that the refrigeration unit should require replacement, no problem! The refrigeration unit can easily be swapped out and replaced, even by someone inexperienced.


Vebabox goes where your van goes!

Vebabox is an insulated electric powered refrigeration unit. It completely challenges the current insulated van model by providing a slide in removable, reusable insert instead of having to insulate your van.

One of the largest issues with delivering temperature sensitive products is finding the most efficient way to make a delivery. Most options available on today’s market add so much height that your van will now have limited access to some locations, underground parking being one of the biggest sacrifices for city deliveries. If your delivery vehicle does not fit in underground parking, your vehicles are likely being stopped on the side of the road with their hazards on. This can put your driver and other road users at risk of an accident as well as delay the unloading process.

When you are delivering, the closer you can get the better. Why? Because if you are closer to your delivery destination you can save time while unloading, saving time means you are able to get more done. Whether the “more” you get done is work, spending time with family, or vacationing we are all looking for more time in our days.

Vebabox is a great way to erase all of these worries. It fits entirely inside the cargo area of your van including the compact vans such as a Ford Transit Connect, Mercedes Benz Metris and a RAM Promaster City. That’s right! Your vehicle will fit inside any underground parking with a minimum height of 2 meters.


FAQ About Vebabox

Q: Is it environmentally friendly?
A: Yes, these units are easily transferred from vehicle to vehicle. Once your van is at the end of the road, Vebabox will continue to serve your needs.

Q: Will my van still fit in underground parking after installing the refrigerated van insert?
A: Yes! Vebabox allows your compact vans to continue utilizing underground parking.

Q: What happens if Vebabox needs repairs?
A: Vebabox decreases downtime and maintenance costs by allowing you to swap the cooling unit within minutes!

Q: How loud is Vebabox?
A: The refrigeration unit is designed to have a low noise level in all operating conditions.

Q: Will Vebabox decrease my resale value?
A: Quite the opposite, it increases resale value. Converting a commercial van into a refrigerated vehicle causes irreparable damage to the body of the vehicle. Vebabox requires no cut-outs in your van so you can re-sell at market value! Note: though Vebabox requires no cut outs, it is highly recommended that you accept the included Flettner vent option to increase clean airflow.


Overall, Vebabox is an amazing alternative to converting your commercial van. To find out more information on the Vebabox contact Sterling so we can help you…

Get More Done.