Upfitting your Cargo Van? 5 things you want to know!
Upfitting your cargo van

Upfitting your Cargo Van? 5 things you want to know before starting!

Upfitting your Cargo Van? 5 things you want to know before starting!

You’ve picked your business changing cargo van…but what’s next? If you thought choosing a cargo vehicle was difficult, welcome to the world of van equipment upfitting! Well, lucky for you Sterling is here to help design a layout and install our products that will turn your regular cargo van into a profit generating, efficiency increasing, productivity enhancing mobile work station. We have been installing van equipment in all the various models of cargo vans for almost 20 years; so, it’s safe to say we have the knowledge & know how, to help you get more from your cargo van. Not only will you have a highly organized storage system, but we make life easier for your technicians; allowing them to perform at their best, ensuring your customers are happy and maximizing profits.

Here are 5 different upfitting requirements to think of before you start upfitting your van!

1. What is the height of your van?
Shelving Height
The height of your cargo van has the most impact on what you can do with your vehicle upfitting. For example, if you choose a Ford Transit Connect, you have limited capacity in terms of shelving height and overall equipment storage, however you have the ability to go into underground carparks and fit in those tight city parking spaces. If you have a Ford Transit High Roof you can install the tallest shelving units, and still have plenty of space to spare, but parking can be an issue. Whichever van you decide upon, Sterling has shelving options ranging from low roof to high roof allowing you to choose the best customizable combination for you.

Van Equipment Shelving Height

Ladder/Cargo Racks
The roof height of your vehicle not only affects which shelving units can be installed, but also changes what options you have if you want to transport items on your roof e.g., tubes or ladders. If you have a mid/high roof van, loading and unloading ladders can be unsafe and inefficient if you’re continuously having to climb up there or transport a step with you, just for the purpose of loading/unloading ladders. For mid/high roof vans we offer a single or drop-down ladder rack which ensures a quick and safe deployment/stowage of ladders. If you have a low roof van we have cargo rack options, such as a combination rack or a 2-Bar rack that allows you to safely transport ladders on the roof whilst easily, and safely being able to load/unload them yourself.

2. What is the length of your van?
Shelving Length
With a longer van, you have the benefit of extending your shelving units in the van, giving you more storage space for your equipment. Longer shelving units can be organized by using our dividers for removable bins. The more equipment/tools/parts you take with you to the job site, the less potential downtime you will have because everything will have a place. With smaller and shorter vans, Sterling has the knowledge to help design a layout that will give you maximum storage capabilities, alongside a well-planned and thought-out space. Having the ability to take everything you need with you to the job site, you will give your customers the best possible service, and increase your billable hours as you have everything within arm’s reach!

Additional Van Equipment Storage
Not only does Sterling offer the best Shelving units in the market, we also offer a wide range of additional van equipment that enhances the productivity of your cargo van. For example, we offer partskeeper units which allow technicians to efficiently transport smaller items. In a longer van we would install complete partskeeper units, and with a shorter van we can install them within the shelves. See below on how we utilize the space in the different lengths. Additional ways to utilize storage in a van include: drawer units, lockers, workbenches & tank holders. Once you have the cargo van model sorted, Sterling will work with you to determine what you need to install to ensure you get more from your van.

3. What are you transporting?
This is important to have in the back of your mind from day one. You want to be able to transport everything you need with you in one trip to the job site, giving you more time to work & less time driving to pick up materials or extra tools. The team at Sterling are the experts when it comes to cargo van layouts, and we will help ensure that you can load everything you need at the jobsite.

Aluminum Shelving
Sterling offers top of the range aluminum van equipment which will allow you to increase your load capacity and offer better fuel economy. We have a wide aluminum range of van equipment, from workbenches, drawer units, tool drawers, tank storage & partskeeper units. They have all been designed with you and your business in mind. Whether you have 1 or 20 vehicles, having a 1% better fuel economy, will reduce your costs.

Upfitting your cargo van

Fuel Economy Calculator
Not only will overloading your vehicle with heavy van equipment minimize the capacity you can transport, but will cost you more in fuel. Check out the below links to check out the different facts.

Canada – https://fcr-ccc.nrcan-rncan.gc.ca/en
USA – https://www.fueleconomy.gov/

4. Are you working from inside the van?
If your van has the roof height to give you the capacity to work from inside; here are some options that we recommend you think about when starting the outfitting process:

We all know what it’s like to work in a room with minimal light, it’s unbearable! It’s exactly the same when working in a cargo van, potentially even worse as cargo vans rarely offer any natural light into the cargo space. To combat this, Sterling has a great range of high output LED lights that really make the difference to your technicians.

Upfitting your cargo van

Sterling’s workbenches are the perfect option for your technicians when working in the van, we have different configurations available that will help increase productivity, boost efficiency and reduce down-time by not having to search for different parts and equipment. Workbenches can be customized with either a wooden or metal worktop and can be loaded with drawers and shelves underneath to your needing. Need a particular working height? Sterling can cater to your requests and offer the perfect height for your team.

Upfitting your cargo van - workbench

5. Will you need to use power when on the jobsite?
Life on the road can be challenging with all the technology we use throughout the day. Do you need to charge your laptop or charge your cordless drill battery? Sterling can help guide you through getting set up with a power distribution system, inverter, inverter charges, shore power, and additional batteries, depending on what you use. We have them available in various size wattages and our team has the best install wiring practices in the industry.

Sterling Fleet Outfitters is here to help you through the entire process of Upfitting your cargo van. From designing a space optimizing, profit producing, workspace, to helping you choose the right vehicle, we do it all. Talk to our knowledgeable team and discover how we make the process as simple as possible for you. We can meet you at our facility, on your jobsite or via a video call to ensure you get exactly what you need for your business.

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