Slip-in Truck Capsule: The Cargo Van Alternative

Truck Cap’s: The Cargo Van Alternative

truck cap

Truck Cap’s: The Cargo Van Alternative

Slip-in Truck Capsules: The Cargo Van Alternative


At Sterling we carry an alternative to Cargo Vans. The slip-in truck capsule allows you to put a mobile workshop in the back of your pickup truck. Pickup truck caps are transferable between vehicles easily. A truck cap is built to outlast your truck! We have even seen some make it through 2-3 Truck lifetimes

So, what are the benefits of getting a slip-in truck capsule?

It’s all in the build.

The fiber-glass slip-in capsules are well-known in Canada, designed to withstand the demands of the Canadian jobsite. Our Truck capsule has the highest load bearing capability in the nose of the shell: rated for 500 lbs  vs the competitions 150lb so you can tuck your compressor into the top of the cone, keeping it up and out of the way. Our truck caps are manufactured without mounting joints in order to offer incomparable strength and durability. In addition to increasing the stiffness and solidity of the cabin. The internal reinforcements allow you to firmly anchor the fittings of your mobile workshop. All the latest technologies in the industry have been used to keep our range of mobile workshops as energy-efficient as possible. When comparing gasoline mileage standards, vehicles in the ‘Light Duty or Mid Duty’ class are generally much better on gasoline when compared to a service van.

The mobile workshop fits perfectly to your truck and is also transferable from one truck brand to another in less than 15 minutes, see for yourself below.

Our Slip-in capsules come in a variety of sizes ranging from the cab height also known as the contractor package to the full-size truck capsule. These truck capsules are the only Service Truck Capsules made with a split molding process. No assembly joins means maximum rigidity and strength to the body. This cap keeps you and your tools dry all year round, and with an interior stand up height of 6’ 2 1/2” provides enough head space for your tall techs.

Truck Cap Features and Benefits:

Universal fit on all domestic trucks with 8’ box

Having some natural light inside your workspace is ideal, but having leaky windows is not. Our service caps have been tested under extreme circumstances to ensure that no water gets through the window seals. Keeping your valuable tools and material dry.

Besides a cargo van alternative, the slip-in truck cap is quickly becoming a staple in the fiber optic splicing industry, with many companies choosing the caps for their lifespan and versatility. If you need to go off-road to complete a job. It’s key to have a pickup truck equipped with 4 wheel drive. With a slip-in truck capsule upfitted with your fiber splicing equipment you simply hit the road and get to the job site so you can focus on what’s important without worrying about excessive wear and tear on your vehicle.

By upcycling Fiber Optic Splicing Truck Caps, you will be saving your business thousands of dollars over its lifetime. When comparing a Truck Cap to a service van for example, simply transfer your cap from vehicle to vehicle. Instead of getting a brand new outfit every time. #OutlastYourTruck

If you have ever thought of replacing your van with another option, a Truck capsule makes the switch incredibly easy.

Find your truck capsule here.

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