Truck Cap Contractor Package

contractor truck cap

Sterling’s Cab-Height Truck Cap Contractor Package


The Breakdown

Sterling’s Truck Cap Contractor Package will withstand all you can throw at it or in it. The equipment from your vehicle packages are installed into our fiberglass slip-in truck capsules which maximize cargo space for the storage of your equipment. This unit is cab height and is made of a unibody construction, completely sealing the inside of the cap from the elements and eliminating moisture entry points. It is able to be transferred between trucks by lifting from the underside of the roof and is the most durable fiberglass capsule on the market.

Reduce health & safety injuries by having the ability to easily access your tools with minimal bending & climbing into the rear. Your team will now be reaching for their tools from a workable height. Gone are the days of climbing into your truck bed just to reach that drill that moved around and out of place when you were trying to get to the jobsite on time. With all your tools at a workable level, you reduce the chance of injury for your team.

8′ Truck Cap Contractor Package (CB-01)

contractor truck cap

6.5′ Truck Cap Contractor Package (CB-03)

contractor truck cap
contractor truck cap

Sterling’s Truck Cap Contractor Package vs. DCU Aluminum Topper Package

Sterling’s Fiberglass Slide-In Capsule

  • Maintains Fleet Uniformity – Interior outfitting can be completed by SFO and shipped anywhere in North America
  • Universal Fit – Easily transferrable to other makes or models with same bed length
  • 10+ Year Average Lifespan
  • Heavy Duty Build Quality
  • 1-5 Week Leadtime
  • No Leaks
  • Unibody Construction
  • Standard With Side Access Doors
  • Hold Stock

DCU Aluminum Topper Package

  • Doesn’t Maintain Fleet Uniformity – Interior outfitting components will need to be shipped and installed as individual components
  • Specific Fit – Not recommended to transfer to a new truck, if required, only to same truck and model year
  • .035″ Metal Thickness
  • 6-8 Week Lead Time (Minimum)
  • Potential for Leaks
  • Panels Joined Together
  • Available with Side Access Doors
  • No Stock Holding

What’s Included?

Slip-in Truck Capsule

  • 6.5′ or 8′ Cab Height capsule with side access doors
  • 60/40 distribution slam latch doors
  • Stainless Steel Locking Device
  • Keyless Remote Unlock System (all 3 doors) – Factory Fob Lock/Unlock
  • Interior LED Lighting
contractor truck cap


2 x Side Door Strip Lights (1400Lumens)

Driver’s Side

  • 1 x MM-SA72-2 – 2-Tier Aluminum Shelving Unit, 72”L w/ expanded
    aluminum mesh backing
  • 1 x 6070 – 6”Fixed Hook

Passenger Side

  • 1 x MM-SA72-2 – 2-Tier Aluminum Shelving Unit, 72”L w/ expanded
    aluminum mesh backing
  • 1 x 6070 – 6”Fixed Hook


  • 1 x 15-7548-CGB – Pull Out Bedslide (1500lbs capacity), 75” x 48”
  • 1 x Backup Camera
  • 1 x High Security Puck Lock for Rear Doors

Optional Add-Ons

Double Drop Down Ladder Rack

This ladder rack improves production, is easier on your body and enhances your professional image. It is the most ergonomic ladder rack on the market as it helps reduce the strain your body endures while loading/unloading your ladder. The hydraulic cylinder provides a smooth and controlled descent, reducing the amount of work-related injuries.

Aluminum 2 Bar Cargo Rack with End Stops

This ladder rack has a flat bar design which is especially popular because it makes bringing sheet supplies to the job seamless. Featuring two flat cross bars this rack will hold your ladder or cargo clear of the roof of your work van, safely securing it for transport.

Safe and Ergonomic Workspace

No more climbing, reaching or extending to access your tools. With the Truck Cap Contractor package, your team will not have to strain 95% of the time to get their equipment. We have highlighted in green on the bed pack where your team can access their tools without having to over extend their bodies. This reduces the possibility of your team getting injured when at the job site!

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