Sterling's Tough
Recreational Camper Capsule

'The Foundation of your Backroads Adventure'

Don’t just dream it, Build it!

Sterling’s Tough Recreational Camper Capsule allows you to push the limits of camper capabilities and gives you the freedom to design and build your ultimate camper!

Our truck capsules are extremely rugged, and tough enough to withstand everything that you throw at them, while being light enough to be installed on a ¾ ton SRW truck.

Now you can pursue your dreams at the extreme corners of the earth! Take your adventures to where very few others can go. Your imagination and the horizon are the only limits to what you can do and where you can go with this unit!

Build your dream camper on our heavy duty fiberglass capsule substructure, taking advantage of our standardized equipment options to get you started. We provide you with the basics and leave the rest of the fun to you.

Sterling’s Tough Recreational Camper capsule is offered with a limited range of standardized equipment options to get you started. With our camper package, gone are the days of being limited to certain options. Now you can build exactly what you want to suit your lifestyle.

By choosing Sterling’s camper starter package, you’re choosing your own path, a path that goes a lot farther!

Sterling’s Tough Recreational Camper Capsule give you the ulitmate desgn freedom. We offer two options for you to start building your Tough Recreational Capsule. Both are based on the same premium capsule as the camper shell, but have different equipment options. These give you a blank canvas with the flexibility to build the camper that your buddies are bound to be jealous of.

It is important to note that this is a starter package, and we offer a finite list of equipment add-ons for the camper unit. This is a great product to get you started with a unique DIY project.

Your options:

TRC-01- (includes the following):
● Premium Full-Size 8’ Truck Capsule with reinforced roof and walls
● 2 x 5.5” High Output Low Profile LED Interior Lights
● High security puck lock on rear doors

TRC-02 – (includes the following):
● Premium Full-Size 8’ Truck Capsule with reinforced roof and walls
● 2 x 5.5” High Output Low Profile LED Interior Lights
● Side windows on both sides – 14”H x 30”L – tinted with slider and screen
● MaxxFan Reversible powered rooftop ventilator
● High security puck lock on rear doors

Additional Options that can be chosen individually:
1. Alurack – heavy duty aluminum full roof cargo rack with side rails and rear loading roller
2. Flush mount tinted rear windows in both doors
3. Color matched – paint or vinyl wrap
4. Rooftop Air Conditioning Unit (wired to exterior power inlet)
5. Backup Camera – connects to factory tailgate camera harness
6. High Output LED Exterior work lamps
7. Hitch Step, 2” Hitch, 12”w X 9.5”d – For easy entry/exit into capsule
8. Portable folding camper jacks

Sterling's Tough Camper Capsule
Sterling's Tough Camper Capsule
Sterling's Tough Camper Capsule
Buying from Sterling - USA Clients

We Make it Easy!

The beauty of our camper package is that you can live anywhere, and still build your dream camper! Our capsules can be installed at our facility or we can ship it straight to your door. Ready for you to start working on whenever! Check out just how awesome our camper capsule is here!

Frequently Asked Questions!

Do you ship to the USA?

Absolutely! We ship our camper capsules all over North America!

Do you do the full camper conversion?

No, we currently only offer the 2 different starter package options that includes the heavy-duty fiberglass capsule, and a selected range of accessories

Do Sterling's add-on accessories come installed?

Sterling’s add-ons come installed when they arrive to you!

Can you Install my personal camping equipment?

No, the beauty of this project, is that the build is totally in your hands. We are only offering the capsule and a select range of accessories

How can I install my equipment into the capsules?

Very easily! Watch this short clip which explains just how you can install your equipment into your camper capsule.

What are the campers like in different climates?

The capsules perform exceptionally well in hot or cold temperatures. From a winter in Manitoba, to the heat of the desert in Arizona, our capsules have no issues. To combat the heat, you can select an AC unit installed. For the cooler temperatures, you can install a heater! To help with the insulation of the capsule, a popular choice is to have the cap lined with a urethane insulation package.

Will they last?

This camper capsule is a heavy-duty 1-piece fiberglass molded capsule that won’t leak after years on the road, for additional support, the walls are reinforced. These are designed and built to be driven off-road

What is the process for placing an order?

When you’re ready to go ahead with us; we simply require a deposit to get started with your build. When the capsule is finished and ready to be shipped, we will send you a full set of photographs or do a walk-through video of your capsule. Once you are entirely satisfied, you will pay the remainder of the invoice before we ship the capsule to you.

What trucks are these suitable for?

Minimum 3/4t pickup truck with an 8’ or 6.5′ bed

What documents do I need to purchase

We will provide you with all customs documentation to get the camper capsule across the border.

Who else is buying your capsules?

The majority of buyers are utility and communications contractors, North America wide. We have over 10 years-experience in servicing these types of customers, with a very high satisfaction rate. Feel free to contact us for references

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