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Top 5 Safety Products

Top 5 Safety Products

Top 5 Safety Products

Sterling serves many kinds of tradesmen and businesses. From delivery drivers, to contractors, to HVAC technicians. But, what do most of our customers have in common? They value safety. That’s why, we wanted to share some of our top safety products including safety partitions, no-slip flooring, drop down ladder racks, cab guards, and flettner vents.

1. Safety Partition

This first one is without a doubt, the most pertinent safety product for any cargo van. So much so, that in many provinces and states a partition, or bulkhead, is required by law. In British Columbia, you could receive a fine of up to $1000 for not having a one.

The main purpose of a partition, among other things, is to separate objects and tools from the cargo space in your van from the driver/passenger area. In the event of a sudden halt, your loose storage will be propelled forward. Even small items can severely injure the driver and passengers. Increased acceleration also increases the speed of the object; so while your vehicle will slow with a sudden brake, the items will not.

2. Safety No Slip Flooring

The surface of this plywood flooring will help you maintain your footing and reduce the chance of slipping and falling. As you can see in the photo below, there is a lot of detail in the surface of the floor. The texture is what keeps you safe. It has a base hexagonal shape engraved into it, as well as sills inside.

3. Drop Down Ladder Rack

Any ladder rack, in general, is a great opportunity to make your work vehicle safer and as a bonus, more efficient. A ladder seems like a harmless piece of equipment, however, if you improperly secure one to a vehicle and it comes loose, it can do cause a lot of damage. They can fall off and impale a vehicle in front or behind you. Furthermore, one simply falling onto the road, causes a huge risk to the person retrieving it and other drivers trying to avoid it.

While any ladder rack will help keep you and other road users safe, our drop down ladder rack is the safest. Not only does it secure your ladder and eliminate the chance of your ladder causing an accident, and making you liable, it’s also easy on your joints. The drop down ladder rack has an exceptional ergonomic advantage. Rather than raising your arms above your head and putting extra strain on your joints, it brings the ladder down to you, so you can swiftly and safely access your ladder.

Safety ER Ergonomic Advatage from sterling's double drop down ladder rack


4. Cab Guard/Headache Rack – Safety for Drivers

If you have a truck, don’t worry, this one’s for you. The cab guard (aka headache rack) is like a safety partition but it’s made for trucks. We all know that trucks are generally for more heavy-duty usage; accordingly, you may transport some large items in the bed of your truck. The headache rack is in place to prevent those items from crashing through your rear window and causing injury. Composed of 1/8” thick, 1 1/2” square anodized aluminum tubing, these cab guards are tough enough to keep you safe.

5. Flettner Vent

Generators, power tools and cleaning supplies can all create or cause toxic fumes or gasses.  A Flettner Vent is a small and minimally invasive addition to your upfit. This vent will keep the air in your vehicle clean. By helping to extract the polluted air and replacing it with clean air. Operating off wind power alone, it will continue to filter the fumes from your vehicle even when parked. The extra ventilation will also reduce moisture build up and prevent mold growth.

Safety is important to everyone. No manager wants their technicians to be hurt and likewise, the technicians don’t want to get hurt! If you have a safety need, we will find you a solution. Contact us today, so we can help you get more done.


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