Beat the Heat: Tips for Upfitting Your Service Truck or Van for Summer

Beat the Heat: Tips for Upfitting Your Service Truck or Van for Summer
As the scorching summer sun approaches, field technicians and fleet managers must ensure their service trucks or vans are well-equipped to handle the sweltering temperatures. With proper upfitting, you can create a comfortable and efficient workspace for your team, ultimately enhancing productivity and keeping them safe during hot weather conditions. In this blog post, we will explore some essential tips to help you beat the heat and optimize your service vehicles for summer.

Install Ventilation Systems

flettner vent
Installing ventilation systems like the Vettner Rotary Vent allow you to control airflow.

One of the most effective ways to combat the heat is by providing proper ventilation in the vehicle’s cargo area or workspace. Consider installing ventilation

systems such as roof vents, side vents, or exhaust fans. These systems will help extract hot air and promote air circulation, preventing heat buildup within the vehicle. Opt for systems with adjustable settings to allow technicians to control the airflow according to their needs.

Insulate the Interior

Wall and door linings not only protect your vehicle from wear and tear, they also improve temperature control.

Proper insulation is crucial to maintain a cool and comfortable environment inside the service truck or van. Insulate the walls, floors, and ceiling with heat-reflective materials such as foam insulation or radiant barriers. These materials help reduce heat transfer from the exterior, keeping the interior temperature more manageable. Additionally, insulation helps retain the cool air generated by air conditioning systems, improving their efficiency and reducing strain on the vehicle’s cooling system. 

Upgrade the Cooling System
The performance of your service vehicle’s cooling system is paramount during the summer months. Ensure your air conditioning system is in optimal condition by conducting regular maintenance, including cleaning or replacing filters, checking refrigerant levels, and inspecting the compressor. Consider installing additional air conditioning units, especially for larger vans or trucks, to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the workspace.

Safety partitions with sliding doors allows you to open the door to the work space and share A/C from the cab.
Installing a power inverter allows you to operate additional tools, and an additional fan for extra comfort.

Tinted Windows and Sunshades
Installing window tints can significantly reduce the amount of heat entering the vehicle’s cabin. Choose high-quality, UV-resistant tints that provide excellent heat rejection while allowing for good visibility. Sunshades for the windshield and side windows are also effective in preventing direct sunlight from penetrating the vehicle’s interior. These simple additions can make a substantial difference in keeping the temperature lower and protecting technicians from harmful UV rays.

Utilize Reflective Vehicle Wraps
Another smart way to combat the heat is by using reflective wraps for your service trucks or vans. These wraps are designed to reflect sunlight, reducing the absorption of heat and keeping the vehicle’s exterior cooler. Not only do they improve thermal management, but they also provide a professional and eye-catching appearance for your fleet.

Provide Personal Cooling Solutions
In addition to the overall vehicle upgrades, it’s essential to equip your technicians with personal cooling solutions. Supply cooling towels, neck fans, or cooling vests that can be worn during work hours. These items help regulate body temperature and provide relief from excessive heat exposure.

In Conclusion
Beating the summer heat is crucial for the comfort, well-being, and productivity of field technicians. By upfitting your service trucks or vans with the right equipment and implementing some simple measures, you can create a cool and comfortable working environment. From ventilation systems to insulation, upgrading the cooling system, and providing personal cooling solutions, these tips will help your team stay cool, focused, and efficient throughout the scorching summer months. So, get ready to beat the heat and make the most of your service vehicles this summer!

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