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Fiber Splicing Vehicle Solutions

Benefits at a glance

1. Low Lifetime Cost

– Transferable from Truck to Truck
– Lightweight (1500lbs Fully Outfitted)
– 3/4T Has Sufficient Payload Capacity
– Improves Fuel Costs

2. Boosts Efficiency

– Quick to Deploy/Set-up
– Easy to Stand In
– Capable of Multiple Applications
– Ample Lighting

3. Maneuverable

– Off-Road Capability
– Compact Vehicle Footprint
– Simplified Parking
– No Jackknifing

4. Durable

– One-Piece Unibody
– Reinforced Structure
– No Water Leakage
– Fiberglass

Industry Leading FiOS Solution

Packages for Full Size Pickup Trucks, Trailers and Vans!

Sterling Fleet Outfitters has developed an Industry Leading FiOS Solution range of truck capsule, van & trailerpackages that have changed the game in the Fiber Optic Splicing industry. Our packages allows your team to be more efficient, safe and productive on the job site. You have the flexibility to carry a crew, the ability to travel off road when required and let’s be real, everyone wants to drive a truck don’t they?

The body of the Fiber Optic Splicing Cap is the toughest capsule on the market. It is the only cap made of a one-piece fiberglass mold. This ensures that there are no weak points to allow damage, leakage or condensation. The prevention of leaks is especially important to prevent fungus growth like toxic mold.

Learn more by watching this short clip here.

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Fiber Optic Splicing Trailer Packages

Sterling’s Fiber Optic Splicing Trailer packages gives your company the ultimate flexibility when splicing in the field. The layout can be customized to suit your specific needs to increase efficiency, safety and accuracy on the job site. Our Fiber Optic Splicing Trailer Packages allow your team to Get More Done on the job site. These packages offer you everything you need within arm’s reach, and will give you confidence to take on more jobs! Learn more here.


We Make it Easy!

Live near our facility or in Florida? Not a problem! Our Fiber Optic Splicing Truck Capsule & Van Packages can be professionally installed at our facility, or we can ship it straight to your door! It’s that easy to get your Industry Leading FiOS Solution Splicing package!

Ordering from the USA? Take advantage of the $ exchange rate and buy more, for less!

Frequently Asked Questions!

Do you ship to the USA?

Absolutely! We ship our Splicing Capsules and van equipment all across North America! Sterling will arrange the shipping, documents and pay the brokerage charges so your purchase is as simple as possible. All you need to do is provide your business number and pay your state tax if applicable.

What’s the standard lead time?

We try to hold stock of our Splicing Capsule models prebuilt at all times.  If we have a prebuilt capsule in stock, we can have it sent out within a week directly to your location of choice. If we don’t have a stock capsule that meets your spec, the lead time is typically between 4-6 weeks.

Are these caps good in extreme climates?

The capsules perform exceptionally well in hot or cold temperatures. From a winter in Manitoba, to the heat of the desert in Arizona, our caps have no issues. To combat the heat, we have an AC unit installed. For the cooler temperatures, we can install a heater! To help with the insulation of the capsule, a popular choice is to have the cap lined with a urethane insulation package.

How I can install this if I don’t have a forklift?

Not to worry! If you don’t have a forklift available, we can help you find a local RV dealer that would be happy, and more than capable of installing this for you!

Why would I choose this over a trailer?

The benefits are endless, but the most common being:

  • Low Lifetime Cost: The capsules are transferable between trucks and lightweight which helps maximize fuel economy
  • Boosts Efficiency: These capsules are quick to set-up, easy to stand in, have ample lighting and are capable performing multiple duties
  • Maneuverable:  Capable of extensive off-road use and compact vehicle footprint for easy access and simplified parking in urban environments
  • Durable: This cap is a one-piece unibody, made of fiberglass with a reinforced structure. This ensures no leakage and proven lasting durability in extreme conditions

Who else is using these?

We have a list of references who use these all-over North America. Contact us and we can provide you with a list of clients you can reach out to.

What is the process for placing an order?

When you’re ready to go ahead with us; we simply require a deposit to get started with your build. When the capsule is finished and ready to be shipped, we will send you a full set of photographs or do a walk-through video of your capsule. Once you are entirely satisfied, you will pay the remainder of the invoice before we ship the capsule to you.

Where can I see one before I buy?

If we have clients in the area, we will provide you with their details for you to view the capsule. If there is no one in your region, we can provide you with references and/or we can do a video walk-through to ensure that you get a realistic sense of the product quality and functionality provided.

Who can I call if I have any installations or warranty questions?

We have a specialist customer care team that you can contact for all questions relating to install and warranty. We are so confident with our product that we offer a 10-year warranty. This ensures that you can have full confidence and peace of mind when choosing our products.

Do you sell complete vans or just the equipment package?

We do not sell vehicles; we only sell equipment packages. However, we can work with your dealer or leasing company to provide you with a turnkey outfitted vehicle.

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