The Top 5 Ways to Supercharge Your Work Vehicle with Upfitting

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Optimizing Commercial EV Efficiency: The Role of Upfitting and Lightweight Materials

Explore how upfitting and strategic material selection play a pivotal role in enhancing the efficiency of commercial electric vehicles (EVs). Learn how streamlining storage and selecting lightweight yet durable materials can lead to improved performance, extended range, and a sustainable image for your EV fleet. Discover the power of thoughtful upfitting practices in shaping the future of efficient and eco-friendly commercial mobility.

Sterling Launches Innovative Work Van Upfitting Product to Support Adoption of EV Fleets

Van Equipped with Packd Shelving System
The new product is called Packd – a shelving system that is 30% lighter than conventional shelving products. It’s not only lighter, but it is also made out of recycled material, making it a more environmentally friendly option. The shelving system has been proven and tested to withstand the most demanding work environments ensuring that serviceability and productivity continues to be optimized.