Splicing Truck Body - Why Sterling is the Original
splicing truck body

Sterling’s Original Fiber Optic Splicing Truck Body

Sterling’s Splicing Truck Bodies

Sterling’s Splicing Truck Body refer to our SB-01, SB-02 or SB-03 models which are fiberglass slip-in service capsules that have been customized to suit the telecom industry. Sterling’s Fiber Optic Splicing Truck is a product that was developed over 10 years ago and has seen upgrades to suit the ever-changing demands from the industry.

Sterling’s Fiber Optic Splicing Truck Cap leads the telecom industry as it allows technicians to go further, have a more comfortable work environment, increase productivity, satisfy more customers and increase billable hours. These Fiber bodies are easy to deploy; saving you time and money by not having to hire and coordinate flagging teams when set up in city and suburban areas. They don’t require holes to be drilled through the truck when installed, and they are transferrable from truck-to-truck with a 10-year warranty. These truck bodies will easily outlast your first truck.

Why the Sterling Fiber Splicing Truck Body is the Original

1. One Piece Fiberglass Unibody

Sterling’s Truck Capsule are made of a pure resin fiberglass unibody with no filler or laminated seams in the upper body of the capsule, meaning the entire upper body is made from a one-piece mold. This ensures extreme durability and no leakage.

2. Reinforced Internal Strength

The Sterling Capsule has an extensive internal structure throughout the interior of the capsule, including corner braces which allow for it to hold more weight on the roof. There are a minimum of 6lateral and 6 vertical interior wall reinforcements built into the fiberglass structure, running the entire width and height of the cap. It is the only capsule we know of that can be lifted from the inside roof with 1500lbs of weight inside the cap, this allows for easy transferability, and having additional components mounted like our AC unit for temperature control.

3. Nose Cone Weight Capacity

Sterling’s nose cone has a weight capacity of 600lbs compared to 250lbs of our competitors. This comes in handy when you need to transport additional equipment to the job site.

4. FOSC door

Sterling’s two caps have slightly different cable access door configurations, but they both have slam latches on both rear doors, and function the same way. By offering a small opening for the cable to run through, technicians are able to splice fiber in a dry and dust free environment. Other providers offer a very large opening which can lead to foreign materials inside of the capsule, potentially hindering the splicing operation, and creating discomfort in the workspace.

5. Quality

Sterling’s fiber optic truck body comes with manufactures limited lifetime warranty and is outfitted with aluminum interior shelving and cabinetry with 10 year warranties.

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Sterling’s Fiber Optic Splicing Truck Body Options

The SB-01 or Standard 

Sterling’s Fiber Optic Splicing Capsules are versatile, lightweight, durable, and transferable, making them the perfect work truck solution for fiber optic splicing technicians. Sterling’s SB-01 Fiber Optic Splicing Truck Cap is made from reinforced fiberglass and fits in most 6.5′ or 8′ truck beds. It has 50/50 rear doors and 73″ interior height.

splicing truck body

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The SB-02 or Premium

With a new generation fiberglass slip-in service capsule, you still get all the awesome features and functionality of the SB-01, but Sterling slightly redesigned the tried and proven Mobile Splicing Lab.

1. Improved Rear Access

With the changed 70:30 rear door configuration (as opposed to 50:50 on SB-01 model), the technician only needs to open one door to enter the capsule and place the FOSC inside.

2. Increased height

This model of splicing lab has an internal height of 6’3” (6’1” on the SB-01), giving you more space inside to move around and operate.

3. Improved Design

The newer model not only looks more stylish but is more aerodynamic and hugs the top of the truck cab even tighter.

splicing truck body

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The SB-03

The SB-03 model is almost identical to the SB-02 unit, but everything is slightly shortened to allow for the difference in box length of the truck. If you have a short box truck, the SB-03 model is right for you.

splicing truck cap
Sterlings Fiber Telecom Packages -1
SB-02 at work, Generator Compartment, Technician
splicing truck cap

Why Choose Sterling’s Truck Bodies?

Sterling Fiber Cap Differences

Versatile – Our truck caps fit on any 6.5′ or 8′ truck bed and are easily installed or removed.

Lightweight – Our truck caps weigh 1500lbs once fully outfitted.

Durable – Our truck caps are the only one piece molded truck caps on the market. There are no seams to ensure no leaking, and have reinforced ribs inside to help you endure the toughest work conditions.

Transferable – Our truck caps can be easily transferred between 6.5′ or 8′ truck beds, so when your cap outlives your truck, you can transfer it to your new vehicle.

Let’s Save You Money!

Over a 10 year timeline you could own one of Sterling’s Splicing Truck Caps. This allows you to save money by transferring the cap to a new truck instead of having to get a whole new setup. Sterling’s cap is the difference maker. It has a universal fit with all of the big name pickup trucks, it is 100% sealed resulting in dry equipment and 0 downtime, and they allow you to get on the road sooner with a smaller lead time.

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