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Sterling’s New Product Range!

Sterling’s New Product Range!

We are proud to present our new line of products, ready to be fitted into your vehicle! Our aluminum products are strong, will give your business an increase in performance, and are the most hardworking products in the market.

STOP! Don’t waste anymore time searching for loose equipment in your vehicle; using Sterling’s products will allow you to have a well organized, efficient & enjoyable workspace, making your life on the road more enjoyable whilst making it easier for you to locate everything you need to perform at your best when you arrive to the jobsite. Our product range units ultimately have a huge impact on your billiable hours; as you will increase your efficiency, allowing you to take on more jobs while keeping your customers incredibly satisfied!

New Product Releases:

SFO Shelving - E4-84-3  SFO Shelving - E5-RS-60  SFO Partition - P10-FTM 

          Aluminum Shelving                                         Refrigerant Shelf Unit                             Contoured Partitions

SFO Refrigerant Tank - RS-3L-1      SFO Partkeeper Unit - PK-8-1    SFO Workbench - WB2-BB1848-1
                    Tank Storage                                                  Partskeeper Units                                         Workbenches

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The Sterling Way

Sterling’s High & Low Roof Aluminum Shelving Units can be easily assembled and installed into your van, which reduces your downtime, and allows you to get on the road servicing your customers! This shelving unit can be installed singular or part of a package, which will not only help your efficiency on the job site, but will give your business a professional look. They allow you to easily locate all your equipment when at the job site, giving you less down time & more billable hours!
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Not enough time in the day to leave the office or the jobsite, but want to get started on your next vehicle package? Not to worry, we have 2 demonstration vehicles that we can bring to you! This gives you an awesome opportunity to see how we have set up our vehicles, touch the product and get a sense of how our company can help transform your commercial vehicles into profit making assets.

Not to worry if you’re not in the GVRD, our team can easily do a virtual visit with you, and take you through our showroom or demo vehicles in a video call! We aim to make this stressful process as easy as possible for you!

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