Sterling’s Commercial Truck Equipment

8' Full-size Premium Truck Slip-in Service Capsule painted to match the dark grey pickup truck.

Sterling’s Commercial Truck Equipment

Sterling’s commercial truck equipment is designed for mobile professionals. Whether you’re fitting a slip in capsule for your pickup truck, looking for a trade package that suits your particular line of work, or you just need some pickup truck accessories, we can help you Get More Done. From truck racks and truck rails, to shelving, truck lighting, and more, we have the commercial truck equipment and resources to make you, your team, and your business more efficient.

Slip-in Service Capsules

Sterling’s slip-in service caps are lightweight, one-piece fiberglass molded capsules, designed to maximize your work and storage space. They are ideal for many mobile workshop scenarios such as Fiber Optic Splicing, Electricians and Contractors. Their one-piece fiberglass construction makes them an excellent choice for a mobile workshop for your commercial truck. They are lightweight and aerodynamic which reduces drag and fuel consumption. They can be easily transferred to a new vehicle saving you thousands of dollars for your fleet. We offer a wide range of slip-in service caps including: Fiber optic splicing cap, 8′ full size premium truck cap, 8′ full size standard truck cap, 8′ mid-size truck cap, 8′ cab height truck cap, 6.5′ full size premium truck cap, 6.5′ mid-size truck cap, 6.5′ cab height truck cap, and 6′ cab height compact cap.

Benefits of Sterling’s Fiberglass Capsules:

  • Universal fit for different truck brands
  • Slip-in capsule – easily placed in the bed of trucks
  • 10+ year lifespan
  • Easily transferrable between trucks with the same bed length
  • One piece mold – no leaks

Standard vs. Premium

Sterling offers 2 models for Full Size Truck Caps: Standard and Premium. Both models are made to go anywhere, built to last, and keep your customers satisfied! These caps are the perfect mobile lab, as they offer your team the ability to have a safe and efficient mobile work space so they can perform their duties to the best of their abilities. The truck cap work space potentials are endless, ensuring that you’re offering your customers the best possible service!

commercial truck equipment     commercial truck equipment

The V365 8′ full size standard truck cap has 50/50 doors.

The V375 8′ full size premium truck cap is slightly larger, has 70/30 doors, and is a newer design from the V365 , giving you more head room.

Slip-in Capsule Additions

To maximize storage and efficiency, some popular additions to your slip-in cap are:

  • Shelving on the passenger side
  • Workbench on the driver’s side
  • Window on the driver’s side above the workbench
  • Hitch access step
  • Grab Handles

Commercial Truck Equipment Packages by Trade

Sterling has a variety of truck packages based on your trade or line of work to help you Get More Done on the jobsite. We provide specialized commercial truck equipment to tradespeople and fleets across North America. We pride ourselves in our ability to match individuals and companies with the proper vehicle upfit options by trade. Our goal is to find you the right products to upfit your commercial truck and customize it exactly to your unique specifications. We will upfit any vehicle to effectively suit your requirements, for any trade. Let us work with you to find the right match of products and trade packages for your commercial pickup truck. Whether you are looking to do an upfit for a commercial work truck, or mobile workshop, we are here to help you choose the combination that is going to help you Get More Done. We have truck trade packages for fiber optic splicing, service mechanics, contractors, delivery, landscaping, fire investigation, and police dive teams.


Fiber Optic Splicing

Sterling Fleet Outfitters has developed an industry leading FiOS solution range of truck capsules that have changed the game in the Fiber Optic Splicing industry.

Benefits of our Fiber Optic Splicing Caps:

  • Low lifetime cost – transferable from truck to truck, lightweight, sufficient payload capacity, improves fuel cost
  • Boosts Efficiency – quick to set up and take down, comfortable to stand in, provides ample lighting
  • Maneuverable – off road capability, simplified vehicle parking, no jackknifing, compact vehicle footprint
  • Durable – one piece unibody, reinforced structure, no water leakage, fiberglass

What’s included in the Fiber Optic Splicing Capsule packages?

Driver’s Side:

  • 1 x 84″ Black Steel Work Bench with shelf
  • 2 x Duplex Power Outlets
  • 1 x 30” Power Bar Installed on Splicing Bench Backsplash
  • 1 x Sliding Window w/ screen
  • 1 x External Locking Side Mounted Ladder Rack
  • 1 x Custom Rear Cable Access Door
  • 2 x 18″ LED lighting above workbench

Passenger Side:

  • 1 x 4-Tier Aluminum Shelving Unit (48″) w/locking door & dividers
  • 2 x Fixed Hooks
  • 1 x Generator Compartment with exterior locking door and heavy duty slide out tray – rain gutter installed over top of generator compartment door
  • 1 x Carbon Monoxide Alarm
  • 2 x Duplex Power Outlet
  • 1 x Grab Handle for 3 Point Access when Entering From Rear


  • 1 x LED Amber Beacon Light
  • 1 x Rooftop Air Conditioning Unit, Low Profile, 9200 BTU/HR
  • 1 x High Output LED outdoor work lamp at rear
  • 120V Power Distribution System, circuit for AC
  • 12VDC Auto-charger, powers 12VDC loads when generator is running
  • Wiring and switch panel for cab controls
  • Backup Camera which connects to factory system

We have two models of splicing caps: SB-01 and SB-02.


The Standard Fiber Optic Splicing Truck Cap is a reinforced fiberglass capsule that is designed specifically for your fiber optic splicing needs. This unibody capsule fits most 8′ truck beds and has a 50/50 rear door configuration and 73″ interior height.


The Premium Fiber Optic Splicing Truck Cap is the perfect solution for taller technicians as the premium option has more headroom and overall space! It has a 70/30 rear door configuration and 75″ interior height.

commercial vehicle equipment

Cube Body Commercial Truck Equipment Packages

Sterling’s Cube Bodies Packages give you the flexibility to design a layout that is going to help increase the efficiency of your team and how they work on the job site, all whilst allowing you to transport everything you need with you to the job site. Sterling’s Cube Bodies Packages allow your team arrive at the job and have all their equipment and an efficient storage or workspace, allowing them to perform at their best. Gone are the days of having to rent additional vehicles or make multiple trips so you have all your equipment with you. We can install workbenches, aluminum & steel shelves, inverters, drawer units, ladder racks (on specific models), bun units, locking doors & custom requirements.

Learn more & view packages here.

Commercial Truck Accessories

Truck Shelving

Sterling’s shelving units allow you to shelve your tools while being more organized and efficient. This makes it easier to safely and securely transport your equipment in your commercial truck. Don’t waste time searching for loose equipment in your vehicle! Our shelving and tool storage units are designed with security in mind. Keeping boxes locked and stored away keeps your tools from damage and unscrupulous thieves.

We offer two options of shelving material: Aluminum and Steel. Aluminum van shelving is a great option because it is the most durable and noise reducing option available. Steel van shelving is a great option because it is strong, tough and reliable, while being a slightly lower cost compared to the aluminum.

Truck Racks

The Aluminum Truck Rack has many different add-ons for you to choose from; such as work winches, cab guards and side storage boxes.

The Aluminum Truck Rack Tool Box is available in two depths and various lengths to suit your needs and vehicles.

commercial truck equipment

The Steel Truck Rack has powder coated steel tubing, is heavy duty, and is cost effective.

commercial truck equipment

Truck Lift Gates

The Tommy Gate G2 Series have either a 1300 lb or 1500 lb weight capacity hydraulic lift based on the work you do.

commercial truck equipment

Cab Guards and Rails

The Aluminum Safety Rack is made from clear anodized aluminum and is not only lightweight, but extremely heavy-duty.

commercial truck equipment

The Aluminum Side Rails are heavy duty and vehicle specific.

commercial truck equipment

The Steel Safety Rack is made with powder coated steel and 3/16” cold rolled wire.

commercial truck equipment

The Steel Side Rails are made from powder coated steel, are extremely heavy duty, and will give you the flexibility to take more gear with you to the job site.

commercial truck equipment

Bed Slides

We offer a 1500lbs weight capacity bedslide and a 2000lbs weight capacity bedslide. Both have innovative features to make loading, transporting and accessing your equipment quick, simple and safe.

commercial truck equipment

Truck Lighting

The 17″ Low Profile LED Mini light Bars provide high performance warning and signaling benefits for a wide variety of special application needs.

truck equipment

The Amber Clear Warning & Emergency 4 LED Light are thin profile 4 LED warning lights that ensure the safety of your team.

The Amber Igniter Lightbar W/ Alley Lights, Work Lights & STT has high strength polycarbonate construction with UV inhibitors.

truck equipment

The Amber LED Beacon – Medium Profile is bright and durable as it shows off 912 lumens.

truck equipment

The Amber Warning & Emergency 3 LED Light has selectable flash patterns to keep you safe.

truck equipment

The LED Dome Light – 18″ Rectangle, Recessed Mount has 12V and 1200 Lumens.

The LED Dome Light – Low Profile is 5.9″ round and features 450 Lumens.

commercial truck equipment

The LED Mini Lightbar – Low Profile is made from high strength polycarbonate with UV inhibitors, it includes a Batter Check that alerts you to critically low battery voltage.

commercial truck equipment

The Interior LED Light Strip is a great way to maximize your interior lighting.

commercial truck equipment

The Linear Work Light 40” Length Flood Pattern provides 360o light output, meaning you are always seen.

commercial truck equipment

Flettner Vents

The Flettner Ventilator will extract fumes, dust and moisture from your cargo van or truck topper.

Seat Covers

The Bucket Seat Covers, Ford 150 XLT include covers for driver and passenger seat backs, seat bottoms, and headrests.

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