Full Size Premium Truck Capsule - Fiberglass

Sterling’s 8′ Full Size Premium Truck Capsule

Full Size Premium Truck Capsule

Sterling’s 8′ Full Size Premium Truck Capsule

Sterling’s Full Size Premium Truck Capsule

If you’re looking for a product that will not only help you Get More Done, impress your customers as you will be more efficient, be more organized and offer a faster service look no further. Sterling’s full size premium fiberglass truck capsule is the only full-coverage truck topper made with a split molding process. This means that the capsule is made from one body that creates a complete seal from water and mud which prevents condensation and mold from forming. These slide in capsules are a perfect addition to your pick-up.

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Benefits of our Full Size Premium Truck Capsule:

Full Size Premium Truck Capsule

  • Universal fit in 6.5′ or 8′ truck beds
  • Easily transferable between truck models with the same size bed
  • 1 piece mold – no seams or leakage
  • Slip in capsule – easily transferred into the bed of your truck







Full Size Standard Truck Capsule vs. Full Size Premium Truck Capsule

     Full Size Premium Truck Capsule

(Standard Full Size Truck Cap)                                                                            (Premium Full Size Truck Cap)

Sterling offers 2 models for Full Size Truck Caps: Standard and Premium. The standard truck cap has 50/50 doors, while the premium offers a 70/30 configuration to allow more access to the cap with only opening one door. The Premium model also has more headroom than the standard, and it has a modern stylish design. Both models are made to go anywhere, built to last, and keep your customers satisfied! These caps are the perfect mobile lab, as they offer your team the ability to have a safe and efficient mobile work space so they can perform their duties to the best of their abilities. The truck cap work space potentials are endless, ensuring that you’re offering your customers the best possible service!

Truck Capsule Additions

Sterling offers many different packages to customize and perfect each individual need for a truck cap. We offer trades packages for fiber optic splicing, service mechanics, contractors, delivery, landscaping, fire investigation, and police dive teams.  We also offer pickup truck accessories for your service cap like aluminum shelving, bins and dividers, workbenches, and much more.

Some Examples:

Tool Box


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