Sterling Road-Trips

Sterling Road-Trips

You don’t want to miss us! Sterling Fleet Outfitters goes on road-trips. During this time our representatives visit local businesses so they can better get to know us and what we do. As a result, this information will help you choose your best upfitter. We specialize in standardizing commercial vehicles for better organization. Sterling is equipped and qualified to serve fleets of any size.

Better Organization

One of our goals is to help you stay organized. With the highest quality composition, our products are long lasting. Whether you need to store small or large items, we have an organizational solution for you.

Sterling road-trips

truck caps, shelving systems, drawer systems

Local Installation

Many businesses who require our services however, the difficulty of transporting their vehicles to us was too high. Accordingly, we implemented a system that allows our customers to enjoy the benefits of our product and reduced shipping cost and scheduling.

Though our head office is located in Surrey, we have subcontractors all over North America who are qualified to perform installation. We carefully select our subcontractors to ensure you receive the same high quality upfit. We ship them the product and they perform installation.

Sterling road-trips
Photography by Mike Crane

Sterling Road-Trips Helping You Get More Done

We believe that helping our customers get more done is what sets us apart from our competitors. By choosing the best product and installation you can substantially decrease the time spent searching for tools and equipment. Above all, Sterling helps you save time to get more done. Spare time and spend it how you want.

What more are you going to get done?

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