Sterling is THE Electric Vehicle Outfitter


The outfitting of electric vehicles has begun! We’re no longer just hearing about commercial electric vehicles, we’re actually seeing them in our shop. It was a blast outfitting our first few vehicles, and we can’t wait for the many more soon to come in.

Our First 2 Electric Vehicle Outfittings

City of Vernon

This was our first ever EV outfitting so it called for a celebration! This was for the city of Vernon who were among the first municipalities to receive an EV.

Check out the city of Vernon’s announcement of the van here.

School District of Nanaimo

This outfitting features a contoured steel partition with a perforated window, a jumbo tool drawer, steel shelving along both sides, and a drop down ladder rack.

Check out the School District of Nanaimo’s Virtual tour

Sterling Can Help You Electrify Your Fleet

Range fear is a common hesitation with electrifying your fleet. It’s important to have the lightest equipment in order to maximize your rage and get there first, wherever your first is. Sterling can help you be one of the first municipalities to totally electrify your fleet by eliminating the stress of Electric Vehicle Outfitting. We have chargers on site, ready to charge up your vehicle once it’s done outfitting for you to drive off the lot!

EV charging station

Our Lightest Van Equipment for your EV

aluminum shelving
aluminum partition
van flooring

Sterling’s lightweight aluminum shelving units are the perfect option for you electric vehicles as they allow you to efficiently & effectively organise your equipment, but won’t hinder your range.. These aluminum shelves is built to last and can be easily installed! Don’t waste anymore time searching for loose equipment in your vehicle.

Sterling’s aluminum contoured cargo van partitions ensure the safety of your team whilst out on the road is a the number 1 priority. Loose cargo can become projectiles in a sudden stop, and equipment can shift when cornering. Sterling specializes in driver protection to safeguard your business.

This all new lightweight cargo van flooring creates a flat, reliable surface to maximize productivity on the job. It has industry-leading durability and strength and is extremely impact resistant. It is 50% lighter than other floors making it the perfect match for EVs. It has minimal effects on range and payload, while protecting the batteries under the floor. In addition, it is made of 75% recycled material.
*call for more info as this product is not yet on our website.

Sterling has Electric Vehicle Outfitting on the mind and we have designed a range of products specifically to maximize the range of a commercial EV. Subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to hear about our launch when the time comes.

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