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oem endorsed and NSM approved

As an industry leader at Sterling Fleet Outfitters we offer our services to many types of businesses. Some of our customers include government agencies, tradesmen, fleets and more. We have over 20 years of experience so we understand that each type of customer has different needs.

Government agencies in particular have procedure guidelines in place to ensure they stay on budget and receive the best quality for cost. What does Sterling keep in mind when serving the government?


Government – They Have a Budget

Big surprise, the government has a budget too. While some people presume the government spends extra money; we see the efforts of these agencies we deal with to try and save funds without sacrificing safety or durability.


Three Quote Rule

Now just because they have a budget does not mean that they choose the first company that fits it. They are asked to get 3 quotes from different companies before making a decision. This is important, in the interest of transparency and ensuring you tax dollars are spent as effectively as possible. If pricing is too low, it could suggest low quality material and inexperienced installers. If the price is too high in comparison to other upfitters, well, they could very well be gouging the taxpayer.


Government – They Need the Best Quality

Aside from pricing, there are a couple other ways to determine product and installation quality. Two of the best ways to ensure you are receiving a top notch upfit are to make sure the outfitter is OEM endorsed and National Safety Mark approved.

OEM endorsed means original equipment manufacturer endorsed. If a company is OEM it means that they meet the standards of the manufacturer and the installed product does not affect your warranty. By hiring an upfitter who is not OEM certified, you increase your liability. In other words, don’t do it!

What is the National Safety Mark (NSM)? There is a bunch of information on NSM but the best definition comes from the Government of Canada.

NSM Sample from the Government of Canada
NSM sample

“The national safety mark (NSM) is the property of the Government of Canada and its use is authorized by the Minister of Transport to manufacturers of new vehicles offered for sale in Canada. Transport Canada requires the manufacturers that are authorized to affix the mark, to have the capability to certify their vehicle production to comply with the regulations under the Motor Vehicle Safety Act.” – NSM FAQ by Government of Canada 


We believe that by choosing us, you can get the highest quality product and install for the best price. But don’t take our word for it, keep an eye out for Fortis BC or BC Hydro’s vehicles along with our Sterling logo! We are proud of the relationships we have with our customers and strive to get more done whether you are in the private or public sector.

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