Sterling Fleet Outfitters COVID-19 Policy

Sterling Fleet Outfitters COVID-19 Policy

To our valued customers,

During this difficult time, the highest priority at Sterling Fleet Outfitters is the Health and Safety of our community and staff. We are implementing new strategies as we navigate through the ever-changing environment surrounding COVID-19. We want to assure you that you will receive the same customer experience, service and overall satisfaction. For the time being, Sterling Fleet Outfitters remains open to help serve customers in this situation according to guidance by local government authorities. Our hours of operation have remained the same, but we have changed how we handle interactions with our customers.

We will continue to ensure that our staff and customers are kept as safe as possible through the practices outlined below. We will also provide updates on this page as they become available so check back here for the latest information or consult with your local dealership before visiting.

No need for handshakes, we are available to work with you however you would like. Whether that is by Email, Text, Phone or video call. Whatever way you want to communicate, we are here for you.

As an extra precaution, we are taking the following steps to provide a healthy and safe environment for everyone:

Health & Safety
Key personnel have been assigned the responsibility of ensuring we practice the best standards of cleanliness so that we can keep our staff as well as our customers safe.

Enhanced Cleaning
We have increased cleaning and sanitizing all areas within our company.

Protecting our Customers & Team
We have provided hand sanitizer stations within our showroom as well as providing a safe waiting area outside. If you have arranged an appointment with one of our sales staff you will have masks and gloves available for your use (as per current regulations). If you are able to provide your own hand sanitizer, gloves and masks we encourage you to bring them. Upon arrival we will be run through a quick COVID-19 questionnaire, and do a temperature check. If you have booked an appointment, please reach out to your sales rep and you can complete the questionnaire online!

When your vehicle is dropped off we will take extra care to sanitize the high touch points including door handles, steering wheel and driving area.

We will continue to accept payment by debit as well and Visa & MasterCard. At this point we are not accepting cash. To ensure the pick up of your vehicle is as quick as possible, please speak to our team to arrange payment prior to pick-up.

Vehicle Prep
When we are done upfitting your vehicle we not only clean up after ourselves but we will ensure that the cab of your vehicle has been wiped down and sanitized.

While we would love to offer your refreshments, unfortunately due to Covid-19 we have discontinued the availability of water & hot beverages, but feel free to bring your own with you!

Further Developments
As we monitor the updates of Covid-19 we will update our page accordingly.

Doing our part to help flatten the curve, and get your team back to work safely:

Personnel Protective Guard

We have developed an in-cab protective guard for full size pickup trucks to help stop the potential for spread of COVID-19.

Sterling’s Personnel Protective Guard (PPG) will allow your team to be safe while on the road. This Personnel Protective Guard can be easily installed into your full size pickup, and can be adjusted to suit your driving position. This guard is made from a clear polycarbonite and does not impact driver visibility and will help minimize the potential for spread of COVID-19 in the cab of your vehicle. This guard will allow you to transport multiple in your vehicle to the job site, reducing additional costs such as renting multiple vehicles.

– Full Visibility Polycarbonite Protective Guard
– Fits all full sized pickup trucks
– Designed to minimize the spread of disease, not designed to protect from impact
– Easily Adjustable
– Secures in position using adjustable straps
– Both Guards can be used in combination

Learn more about the Personnel Protective Guard

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