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Splicing Cap Rollover Case Study

rolled splicing cap

Splicing Cap Rollover Case Study

Case Study: How Tough Are Our Splicing Caps?

We’re not kidding when we say our Fiber Optic Splicing Cap can outlive your truck. Accidents happen, and Sterling wants to make sure you have the best equipment as it could get you out of a dangerous situation safely. We take pride in knowing that our customers are safe when using our products.

The Accident

One of our customers vehicles, due to no fault of their own, fell into a ditch during a thunder storm as the side of the road collapsed underneath them and washed away. The truck went into the ditch filled with water more than 2 times deeper than what is shown in photo 1. Thankfully, the technician was successfully able to climb out of the passenger window as Sterling’s SB-01 Fiber Optic Splicing Capsule took the impact and kept the driver safe. Sterling’s fiber optic splicing caps have a unique, heavily reinforced superstructure which prevented the cab from being badly damaged, and is very likely the reason for the difference between what actually occurred and what could have been a catastrophic accident!

rolled splicing cap         splicing cap

(Photo 1)

Back On the Road

This customer bought a new truck after the incident and had THE SAME splicing cap put on it. Along with some minor repairs and a few scuff marks being buffed out, all that needed to be replaced on the cap was the driver’s side ladder racks, the window on the side of the capsule, and the rear back up camera to match the new truck. This shows the incredible quality and durability of the Sterling Fiber Optic Truck Cap, and allowed the technician to get back on the road doing a job that he loves.

fixed splicing cap







Here’s what this customer had to say about Sterling:

“This Truck Capsule has made my life a lot easier! There is nothing to compare with this capsule when working on a splicing job in a thunderstorm.”

Sterling’s Fiber Splicing Cap

Safety is one of Sterling’s core values and it’s not something we take lightly. Our Splicing caps are built to be durable and maneuverable, to have a low lifetime cost, and to boost efficiency.

Durable – Our Splicing Caps are made of a fiberglass one-piece unibody with a reinforced structure that prevents leakage and stands the test of time.

Maneuverable – Our Splicing Caps provide off road capabilities and a compact vehicle footprint that allow for simplified parking and no jackknifing.

Low Lifetime Cost – Our Splicing Caps are transferable from truck to truck and are lightweight (1500lbs fully outfitted). They can be installed on a 3/4 ton truck while still allowing sufficient payload capacity and helping moderate fuel costs.

Boosts Efficiency – Our Splicing Caps are easy to deploy and set up, easy to stand in, capable of multiple applications, and have ample lighting. Giving you everything you need to Get More Done on the job.

How Does This Splicing Cap Do Against the Competition?

Other Fiber Optic Splicing Truck Caps (Competitor 1)

Other fiber splicing caps are not made with the same type of fiberglass one-piece unibody that Sterling’s are, which means they have weak points that allow for damage, leakage and condensation. Preventing leaks is important to protect against water and mold accumulating in the cap. Competitive products can’t offer the same driver safety that Sterling can because their capsules don’t have the same strength provided through a heavily reinforced structure.

Trailers (Competitor 2)

Sterling’s Truck Capsules are an excellent alternative to trailers as they offer the flexibility to carry a crew and the ability to travel extensively off road in winter weather conditions when required. Truck Capsules are longer lasting and they are transferable. Trailers do not offer the same maneuverability as a splicing cap as they are more difficult to park and harder to reverse and make sharp turns with. In addition, trailers typically have a very long lead time. Can you imagine what would have happened to a trailer in a similar accident?

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