The Secret to an Easy Upfit

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Like our customers, many people would purchase a vehicle before organizing any upgrades or modifications. But what if we told you that for a commercial van or truck, you actually want to contact us before you contact your dealer. Talking to us first will maintain the best timing to reduce downtime and ensure you receive the best vehicle outfit for the most effective price.



Reaching out to us a month or two before buying a vehicle will reduce your downtime. Did you know that we will arrange freight from the dealership straight to our shop? That means you can begin your order before purchasing the vehicle you want, as long as you know what that is. By the time you are ready to buy, you will already be scheduled in our shop. That means you will have your completed vehicle –ready to get more done – almost immediately.

The extra time will also allow us to fully work out what items you need and where they need to be.


Unique Customers

Many of our customers work in unique ways. That’s why the location of their shelving and accessories is important to us. The more comfortable your technicians are, the better you will retain them. A technician’s favourite part of our Fit & Finish is often our rattle-free policy.

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We specialize in helping you get more done, let us assist you to layout the vehicle early in the process to avoid cutting corners or being rushed. Our Fit & Finish standard is higher than most.

With over 100 years of combined industry knowledge and experience, we already have base layouts for many applications. These are our expert suggestions based on vehicle, trade or products and can be found in our online shop.



Contacting Sterling before purchasing a vehicle will allow us to find any incentives or rebates available to you. These incentives are often claimable 90 days after purchasing your vehicle. However, identifying them and speaking to your dealer about it before walking into a dealership gives you the knowledge to make the right financial decision.

Everyone is looking for a deal when buying something substantial. Unfortunately, some of these incentives are not combinable with other offers from the dealerships. Make sure you are getting the best deal possible by speaking with us first.


At the end of the day, contacting us a month or two in advance is the best thing for your business. You will receive a perfect upfit for your type of work, eliminate downtime and you’ll be confident you received the most cost-effective pricing.