Save Time, Get More Done

Save Time, Get More Done

Save Time

Save Time, Get More Done

Save Time, Get More Done.

Over the past year, there have been some changes with our brand and logo. Sterling has shifted its focus from “excellence in motion” to “get more done”. Though we still think our customers and ourselves accomplish great things together, we wanted our message to be more valuable to our customers. So, the question was, what does everyone need more of? Time! And we are just the people to help you save time.

Save Time with Our Products

We choose our external manufacturers carefully. After weighing our options we ensure our customers will receive the best bang for their buck. Our purchasing team checks out the quality, shipping speed, cost and more.

Not only will it be the best price for quality but, among other things, our products are designed to help you get more done. For example, a partskeeper carry case and holder (pictured below) makes it simple for tradesmen like electricians to take their small equipment to the job. They can bring it all at once and perfectly organized in compartments. Say goodbye to multiple trips to the van for that one thing you forgot. Everything has a purpose, keeping you better organized so you can save time and do more.

5070 Sterling Fleet Outfitters' partskeeper and holder

Save Time with Our Layouts

There are many of the same trades however, the tradesmen’ processes can vary. With the freedom to choose the layout of your outfit, you can place your workbench or shelving where you need it most. When your work vehicle is set up to match your workflow, you can save a lot of time. Maybe you would like your layout to be the same for each van in your fleet or unique to each technician. Either way, we are here to help you get the most out of your vehicle and get more done.

NV200 fleet

Quality of Work

When you spend your money somewhere, you expect a positive outcome. Otherwise, why buy? Get it done right, the first time. At Sterling, we pride ourselves on our quality of install. We strive for the best fit and finish manageable and our strict “rattle free” policy ensures once you pick up your vehicle, there’s no need to come back. Unless of course, you’d like to outfit another van or truck.

tool drawers in FT, hooks

Saving time isn’t exactly “getting more done” but it does provide you the opportunity to finish your work quicker. Whether you spend your extra time getting more work done, more time with family, more time traveling etc, Sterling’s products and techniques are unbeatable. Contact us and see how we can help you, get more done.


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