Workplace Injury - 10 Ways to Reduce It

Reducing Workplace Injury

Reducing workplace injury

Reducing Workplace Injury

How to Reduce Workplace Injury

Tradesmen and skilled transport and equipment operators all share a high risk for a workplace injury. In 2017, there were 82,216 lost time claims submitted and 486 fatality claims in Canada. It’s already your priority to avoid anyone being hurt.

When a workplace injury occurs, it is traumatizing for the employee’s co-workers. The natural reaction for staff is to wonder “what if it was me?”. The shock from the accident can have a psychological effect on all members of your organization. Understandably, this means that the business can experience a downturn in productivity. As a business owner your priority is the well-being of your employees and securing that means you will not have to worry about a decrease in revenue as a result of a preventable accident.

Reducing Workplace Injury: 10 Ways We Can Help

You’ve likely implemented some injury prevention in the past. However, it’s a good idea to periodically check you are taking all safety measures possible. If you are having trouble finding ways to decrease risk, try asking your employees for suggestions.

Whether it be an emergency such as a fire or maintaining a strenuous position, your staff encounter an opportunity for injury daily. That’s why asking for their contribution from a different angle could uncover some unknown hazards. Getting them involved will also make them more comfortable to present any risks in the future.

  1. Ensure your work vehicles are equipped with safety gear such as a fire extinguisher and a first aid kit. If an accident occurs you will be prepared to prevent or address an injury.

  2. If you require pipe storage, choose an upfitter that uses aluminum plates to secure the contents. The aluminum plate will prevent the contained materials from breaking through and colliding with other vehicles.

  3. Install a carbon monoxide detector. These devices are especially helpful for anyone who may use their power tools, compressor, generator, etc. within their van or capsule.

  4. Add access steps to reduce the step height. Reducing the height your employee has to step up into their work vehicle will also reduce the stress on their knees, hips and other joints.

  5. Equip your vehicle with pull out tool drawers. There is no need to climb into your van or bend and reach inside. If placed to do so, the tool drawers will extend outside of your van providing you access from the ground.

  6. Provide grab handles at the vehicle entry points. Grab handles will assist people in entering the vehicle by providing more balance and stability.

  7. Ensure your equipment is properly secured. This includes any tools or materials as well as shelving or other storage solutions. While any vehicle outfitter should be doing a quality check, some fall short or miss things. When picking up your vehicle make sure to jiggle the shelving and any other permanent additions. Further, secure your materials and make sure your shelving is compatible with any special materials you may transport such as refrigerant tanks.

  8. Store small parts in an enclosed container like our partskeepers. Small parts are easy to lose and they often work themselves into a place they shouldn’t be. Stop the problem before it becomes a problem, a closed container will prevent the initial loss.

  9. Install a drop-down ladder rack. Surprisingly, ladders are dangerous. Not only will a drop-down ladder rack save you time and in turn money, but it will reduce many common safety concerns. Mount your ladder in 30 seconds as opposed to 15 minutes and do it all from the ground. No more slipping around in the rain or struggling to keep the ladder off your new vehicle wrap.

  10. Maintain clean airflow with a Flettner Ventilator. Completely wind powered, this ventilator is strong enough to remove the chemicals and fumes in your vehicle. In 2017, 58% of fatalities were caused by exposure to caustic, noxious and allergenic substances, clean air could greatly reduce your company’s risk.


Minimize risks and any workplace injury associated with your staff’s day-to-day operations. What makes a difference for your employees is the care you take to ensure their safety. Taking measures to make even the simplest of tasks safer, helps your staff feel more comfortable and valuable. Contact us with your problem areas and we’ll help you find a solution!


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