Workbench with Hardwood Top - Commercial Vehicle Equipment

Workbench w/ Hardwood Top (Supply Only)

Workbench w/Hardwood Top, 48″ L, 1 Shelf, Aluminum

*please note:
This product is for supply only, if you would like the install completed by Sterling Fleet Outfitters, click here to review our install 38″ workbench unit.


Sterling’s Workbench with Hardwood Top allows you to increase your capacity as you can now work anywhere & anytime! Sterling’s work bench gives you a safe and secure place to operate; gone are the days of working from the floor of your vehicle, now you have a place to optimize your work activities. It features a hardwood work top tough enough to take whatever is thrown at it. This workbench helps you Get More Done by reducing the amount of times you climb in or out of your cargo van or truck cap.

If you’re looking for a product that will not only help you Get More Done, impress your customers as you will be more efficient, be more organized and offer a faster service look no further. Don’t just take our word for it! Check out our testimonials (located on the home page) which will help you in deciding who the right vehicle outfitter for you, and your business is!

Sterling’s Workbench with Hardwood Top can be easily assembled and installed into your van, which reduces your downtime, and allows you to get on the road servicing your customers! Our Workbenches unit can be installed singular or part of a package (view all trade packages here) which will not only help your efficiency on the job site, but will give your business a professional look. They allow you to easily locate all your equipment when at the job site, giving you less down time & more billable hours!

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Weight 66.3 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 48 × 40 in
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