Steel Safety Rack — steel safety Rack for Pick up trucks

Steel Safety Rack

Protect your team with these strong, tough, durable and stylish steel safety rack by BackRacks.


We understand that your team is the most valuable part of your business. These Back Racks are designed to protect whatever is in the cab, while looking stylish. Our steel safety rack are strong, and practical; not only do they protect the cab, they give you the ability to carry your equipment on them, such as ladders and large pipes. The low-profile designs are beneficial as you will be able to access lower parking areas. Get in touch with us to learn how we have the perfect steel safety rack for you.

Made with powder coated steel and 3/16” cold rolled wire, this safety rack will protect your team. There are many different add-ons that can be easily installed. Contact our team today to learn how we can design a set up that suits your business.

If you’re looking for a product that will not only help you Get More Done, impress your customers as you will be more efficient, be more organized and offer a faster service look no further than our pickup truck accessories and van accessories. Don’t just take our word for it! Check out our testimonials (located on the home page) which will help you in deciding who the right vehicle outfitter for you, and your business is!

Contact our team today to get the right specs for your vehicle, we can also include other add-on features that you need, such as side rails or a rear rack.

These safety racks are vehicle specific; get in touch with us today to get an accurate quote!

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