Personnel Protective Guard (PPG) – Standard Minivan

Protect your team, and demonstrate your commitment with Sterling’s Personnel Protective Guards for Standard Minivans. The guard allows you to safely transport multiple persons in your vehicle, and help minimize the potential spread of COVID-19. The PPG guard for minivans are made from heavy-duty shatterproof polycarbonate which offers full visibility and strength!

We have 1 option available:
1. PPG1-PV-2
Full visibility front/rear row separation guard
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PPG Fits
Standard Minivans (Contact us to learn more details)

Click here to view how the PPG aligns with WorkSafeBC’s guidelines on ‘Designing Effective Barriers’.

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Sterling’s Standard Minivan Personnel Protective Guard (PPG) will allow your team to be safe while on the road. This Personnel Protective Guard can be easily installed into your minivan, and can be adjusted to suit your driving position (tilt & travel). This guard is made from a clear polycarbonate and does not impact driver visibility and will help minimize the potential for spread of COVID-19 in your standard minivan. This guard will allow you to transport multiple persons in your vehicle to the job site, reducing additional costs such as renting multiple vehicles. Installation is easy, and requires no fasteners into vehicles.

– Full Visibility Polycarbonate Protective Guard
– Designed for Standard Minivans (Dodge, Honda, Toyota etc.)
– Designed to minimize the spread of disease, not designed to protect from impact
– Easily Adjustable
– Secures in position using adjustable straps

Sterling’s Personnel Protective Guard (PPG) product has been designed in response to the COVID-19 crisis as a temporary germ barrier to minimize potential for spread of the virus while helping to keep essential work ongoing. This is to enable transportation for multiple persons in a minivan whilst providing a physical distancing measure between the front and rear row of seats in the vehicle.

This is not designed to be a permanent safety barrier, or to withstand impact, although the material is indeed very tough and impact resistant. The Personnel Protective Guard is designed in such way that it is rigid enough to perform the required function, but is flexible where needed, so that it does not impact deployment of airbags or the safety of the occupants.

The PPG acts as a Sneeze Guard to protect your crew from potential spread of COVID-19. As well as a Sneeze Guard, our guards acts as a Cough Guard, Touch Guard and excellent for physical distancing within the Cab of your van.

Other items that can help reduce spread are safety partitions, flettner vents for air circulation, and our shelving range is a good option for fleets as they can be easily wiped down after use.

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Other PPG Options:
Full Size Pickup Trucks (shown below)
Full Size Ford Transit Vans

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