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NV Double Dropdown ErgoRack

The double drop down ladder rack improves production, is easier on your body and enhances your professional image.


The ErgoRack is the most ergonomic ladder rack on the market. It helps reduce the strain your body endures while loading/unloading your ladder. The hydraulic cylinder provides a smooth and controlled descent, reducing the amount of work-related injuries. Install is fairly simple, there’s no need to drill holes to mount it. Although the main purpose of the drop-down ladder rack is to be easier on your body, it seriously boosts your productivitiy. It reduces the loading time it takes to get your ladder onto your Nissan NV work van to just 30 seconds! This saves our customers an average of 30 minutes each time they use their ladder. This particular unit can hold two large extension ladders. If you’re ready to Get More Done, a drop down ladder rack is a great place to start.

Additional Information
Weight 121 lbs