8' Standard Fiber Optic Splicing Truck Cap - SB-01 — Pickup Trucks

8′ Standard Fiber Optic Splicing Truck Cap – SB-01

The Standard Fiber Optic Splicing Truck Cap is a reinforced fiberglass capsule that is designed specifically for your fiber optic splicing needs. This unibody capsule fits most 8′ truck beds.

SB-01 Truck Capsule:
8′ Full Size slip-in service capsule
– 50/50 Rear Doors
– 73″ Interior Height

Drivers Side:
1 x 84″ Black Steel Work Bench with shelf
2 x Duplex Power Outlets
1 x 30” Power Bar Installed on Splicing Bench Backsplash
1 x Sliding Window w/ screen
1 x External Locking Side Mounted Ladder Rack
1 x Custom Rear Cable Access Door
2 x 18″ LED lighting above workbench

Passenger Side:
1 x 4-Tier Aluminum Shelving Unit (48″) w/locking door & dividers
2 x Fixed Hooks
1 x Generator Compartment with exterior locking door and heavy duty slide out tray – rain gutter installed over top of generator compartment door
1 x Carbon Monoxide Alarm
2 x Duplex Power Outlet (1x GFCI – Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter)
1 x Grab Handle for 3 Point Access when Entering From Rear

1 x LED Amber Beacon Light
1 x Rooftop Air Conditioning Unit, Low Profile, 9200 BTU/HR
1 x High Output LED outdoor work lamp at rear

– 120V Power Distribution System, circuit for AC
– 12VDC Auto-charger, powers 12VDC loads when generator is running
– Wiring and switch panel for cab controls
– Backup Camera which connects to factory system

*the layout displayed is for an 8′ cap; if you require a different size please contact us for an updated layout.

Optional Equipment:
– Coolant Source Heater
– Urethane Spray Foam Insulation Package
– Directional Arrow Bar
– Flettner Ventilator

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The Standard Fiber Optic Splicing Truck Cap by Sterling Fleet Outfitters. The ultimate work truck solution for the Fiber Optic Splicing Technician. This slip-in cap is versatile, lightweight and highly durable making it ideal for any work environment. This option features our 8′ Full Size Truck Capsule

Versatile – The slip-in cap fits on any Domestic Truck with an 8′ Bed. Can be installed or removed from the truck within 30 minutes or less, using camper jacks or a forklift.

Lightweight – the splicing caps are 1500 lbs fully outfitted. This is an ideal weight for your 3/4 ton or 1 ton truck. Gives you lots of extra leeway to add the weight of your equipment without maxing out the GVWR – Gross Vehicle Weight Rating.

Durable – The only one-piece molded truck cap on the market. Reinforced ribs inside add extra strength to help you endure the toughest work conditions.

Transferable – The fiber optic caps can be easily transferred to another truck with the same bed length. This is the perfect option if you are leasing you vehicle. Minimizing costs to your business.

Our SB-01 fiber optic splicing capsules are the best in the market, they help technicians all over North America Get More Done. The SB-01 is the workhorse of our splicing cap range as it is made to go anywhere, built to last and keeps your customers satisfied! These caps are the perfect mobile lab, as they offer your team the ability to have a safe and efficient mobile work space so they can perform their duties to the best of their abilities. The truck cap work space potentials are endless, ensuring that you’re offering your customers the best possible service!

For a more detailed look into our Splicing Cap set up, view our 3D Model.
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Additional Information
Weight 1500 lbs
Dimensions 74 in
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