Sterling Fleet Outfitters Personnel Protective Guard X

1- Electrical Package – Chevy Express

1x 3020-GS Contoured safety partition with tempered glass window

Driver Side:
1 x N4-RA96-3 Aluminum Shelving Unit for Low Roof Van, 14″ x 44.5″ x 96″
2 x 77-U1048 Adjustable and lockable aluminum shelving door
8 x 62-U1112 12″ deep plastic bin with a center divider
1 x X50-B Steel van cabinet, compact, 2-drawer
1 x X50-C Steel van cabinet, compact, 3-drawer
1 x 7124 Wire reel holder for work vans, includes two 5/8″ diameter rods
1 x 6070 6″ Hook for cargo vans, tumbled aluminum, 3″ opening

Passenger Side:
1 x N4-RA48-3 Aluminum Shelving Unit for Low Roof Van, 14″ x 44.5″ x 48″
2 x 62-UDR14 Set of 5 adjustable dividers for a 14″ deep shelf
1 x 6063 5 Slot paper holder for cargo vans, deep, 33/4″d X 123/4″w X 24″h
1 x 6072 8″ Swivel Hook for cargo vans, tumbled aluminum, 4″ opening

*This package is suitable for 135” and 155” wheelbase

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Sterling’s Electrical package will increase your billable hours as you will have less wasted time searching for your equipment when you arrive to the jobsite. This electrical package is not only practical, it will set you apart from your competitors as it looks professional and helps your team utilize the space in your vehicle. The shelving is incredibly strong and durable whilst being lightweight. You can be rest assured that you are getting bang-for-your-buck as we have equipped this package with everything you need to be on your game.

This Chevy Express Electrical package has been carefully created to get the most out of your vehicle with each component assisting you to Get More Done.

Benefits Include:
• Rust-free
• Reduced Noise
• Adaptable
• Durable
• 10 Year Warranty
• Fuel Savings
• Fit to suit your vehicle