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Aluminum Truck Caps

Our Aluminum Truck Caps give your the flexibility you need to transport all your equipment with you to the job site!

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Sterling’s Aluminum Truck Caps help maximize the potential of your pickup truck as you can safely, and securely transport all your equipment to the job site. Each of the Aluminum Truck Caps can be customized to suit your specific needs, allowing you to Get More Done as you have an efficient set up.

Theses gives you flexibility to carry more equipment as they are lightweight! This gives you the flexibility to transport all your gear with you. There is no down-time with these caps.

To maximize storage, efficiency and accessibility some popular additions are:
Bed Slides
Truck Racks
• Customization Side Shelving Set Ups
Security Locks
Warning Lights/Beacons/LED Interior Lights

Our Truck Caps are an alternative to our fiberglass slip-in capsules. Contact Us today to learn how fast we can turn these around, or have them delivered straight to your door. Sterling’s aluminum truck caps are a perfect addition to your pick-up.

By choosing Sterling’s commercial truck equipment, you’re choosing the most durable and versatile product and install available. We are set up to service full fleets, or one-offs! We are solution orientated and want to add value to your pick up.

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