8′ Full Size Truck Cap

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Say goodbye to leaky truck boxes and moisture-damaged tools. It’s no secret that the OEM models vary and truck beds are not waterproof, costing you in the end. And this why we offer a one-piece mold  capsule as your ultimate solution.


Built to last with a 10+ year life cycle, our Fiberglass Truck Caps let you save money by transferring the cap to your new truck, eliminating the need for a new setup each time. Designed to tackle any job, these caps enable you to conquer all terrains—from rugged mountain passes to bustling city centers.

This isn’t just a purchase; it’s a solid investment. At Sterling, we prioritize both the job and your needs.

Cap Features and Benefits at a Glance

Sterling Fleet Outfitters Slip-In Service Capsule Features and Benefits at a Glance Feature: Transferable Benefit: Cost-effective solution—easily transfer the capsule from truck to truck, saving on repeated upfitting costs. Feature: Lightweight Benefit: Engineered for efficiency—the lightweight design allows you to add your equipment without compromising fuel economy or range. Feature: Universal Fit Benefit: Versatile compatibility—fits any domestic truck with 5.5', 6.5', or 8' beds, ensuring flexibility for your fleet. Feature: One-Piece Mold Benefit: Seamless protection—our split molding process eliminates seams, preventing leaks and condensation. Your tools and equipment stay dry, rust-free, and mold-free. Feature: 10-Year Warranty Benefit: Long-term reliability—backed by a 10-year warranty, our durable fiberglass capsules are built to last. Many of our capsules are still going strong after a decade, proving their resilience and value. Feature: In-Stock Availability Benefit: Reduced downtime—our capsules are ready to ship, eliminating the long wait times associated with vans, service bodies, or aluminum capsules. Get back to work faster.



Industry Application

These caps are great for telecommunications contractors, heavy duty service technicians, landscapers, mechanical contractors, police teams, delivery companies, utility contractors, fire investigation teams, oil & gas technicians & so much more!

Pricing starts at $18,500.
Note: Capsules are not meant for commercial use and come with basic upfit package. Explore our capsule trade packages or a custom upfit.

Weight 700 lbs
Dimensions 131.5 × 80 × 73 in
Product Availability

Truck Model

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Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the product fit.

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The slip-in capsules are installed with a heavy-duty mounting kit designed to withstand off-road and urban environments. With a life-span of more than 10 years, they are ideal for fleets using leased vehicles or if a purchased vehicle it being retired. You will need to purchase a new mounting kit from Sterling for approximately $300. The process of transferring the slip-in capsule take about a day to remove the old mounting kit and disconnect electrical and then mount on the new truck. Some customers do it themselves if they have their own shop and others hire a local mechanic transfer the unit.

Note: you will need access to a forklift with long forks. A Sterling representative will be happy to answer any question you may have.

Check out this video which shows a slip-in capsule being mounted on a truck.


Sterling’s slip-in capsules are compatible with most domestic pick up trucks and can be transferred to a different model as long as it has the same bed length.

Yes. Sterling’s capsules come with a 10-year warranty.

Yes. We ship slip-in capsules complete with the upfit package to customers throughout North America. Some are able to install themselves or they find a local shop to install on the truck. We will provide detailed installation instructions which can be found through a decal with a QR code located on the inside door of the capsule.

Note: you will need access to a forklift with long forks.

Check out this video to see a capsule being mounted on a pick-up truck.

Sterling’s capsules are for commercial use and come with basic upfit packages.

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