6.5 Mid-Size Capsule — Pickup Truck — Fiberglass

6.5′ Mid-Size Truck Cap

Outlast Your Truck!

Tired of dealing with leaky truck boxes and your tools getting wet? It’s no secret that the OEM models vary and your bed stops being waterproof. Costing you in the end.

Ready to transcend your work vehicle? Sterling’s Mid-Size Truck Cap for 6.5′ beds are the ultimate vehicle upfitting option in the market. Our Fiberglass Truck Caps have a 10+ year life cycle, allowing you to save money by transferring the cap to a new truck instead of having to get a whole new set up. You can now tackle any job as we are enabling you to go further, go over all terrain and Get More Done. From mountain passes to the City Centre, your options are endless.

This is not a one-and-done cap, this is your next best investment. We don’t just care about the job; we care about YOU!

Benefits at a glance:

  • Universal fit
  • Slip in capsule
  • Average lifespan is 10+ Years
  • Easily transferable to other makes or models with same bed length
  • No leaks
  • 1 piece mold
  • Hold stock
  • Interior outfitting can be completed by Sterling and shipped anywhere in North America – maintains fleet uniformity

These caps are great for contractors, heavy duty service technicians, landscapers, mechanical contractors, police dive teams, delivery companies, utility contractors, fire investigation teams, oil & gas technicians, telecommunication contractors & so much more!

*please note: images shown are a mixture of our 6.5′ & 8′ mid-size truck capsules


Sterling’ 6.5 Mid-Size capsule is essentially made of one mold and is completely sealed from the elements and eliminating condensation entry points. Able to be transferred between trucks by lifting from the inside roof, it’s the most durable fiberglass capsule on the market.

Sterling’s 6.5-Mid-Size capsule, made from fiberglass is the only full-coverage truck toppers made with split molding process. That means, there’s no seams filled with rubber that will later dry out and later leak.

The Mid-Size Sterling Truck Cap is a mid-height unit that fits most 6.5′ domestic truck beds. This slip-in cap comes unaltered but is customizable to your preferences. This cap is the perfect addition to your truck as it’s durable, long lasting (10-year warranty), and is easily transferable. Even when you change your truck, there is no need to change cap. This Truck Capsule will help your business, and vehicle be more efficient as this cap is safe, secure and will be able to handle all you can throw at it.

This product has a 10-year warranty to give you the peace of mind that it will stand the test of time. This product is incredibly durable and will handle everything you need it to!

To maximize storage and accessibility, the addition of side shelving and doors is a popular choice. To eliminate the need to climb into the truck cap, a favored accessory is our slide-out bed tray. The bed tray will allow you to bring your equipment out of the truck topper for better access. By choosing Sterling’s commercial truck equipment, you’re choosing the toughest most cost-effective product and install available.

Check out a maintenance set up in the mid-size truck cap here. Get the latest product news updates here.

We are set up to service full fleets, or one-offs! We are solution orientated and want to add value to your pick up.

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Weight 450 lbs
Dimensions 81 × 72 × 42 in
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