Service Mechanic Package — Pickup Truck Equipment

1. Service Mechanic Package – Full-Size – 8′

Slip In Truck Capsule:
8′ Full Size Capsule

Drivers Side:
1 x 4-Tier Aluminum Shelving Unit
1 x Compressor & hose
1 x Slide out vice

Passenger Side:
1 x 4-Tier Aluminum Shelving Unit
1 x Work Bench
1 x Inverter
1 x 18″ LED Light

1 x LED Amber Beacon Light
2 x Interior Dome LED lights
1 x Flettner Vent

*This layout is suitable for 8′ truck bed; if you have a different wheelbase, contact us for an updated layout

This package is suited for:
8′ Full-Size Premium Truck Cap
8′ Full-Size Truck Cap


Sterling’s Full-Size Truck Capsule Service Mechanic package allows your to maximize efficiency on the job site as everything has a place, and you can take everything you need with you. This simple & practical service mechanic package layout allows you to safety operate a mobile work station and increase your billable hours as you will have less wasted time searching for your gear. We use Aluminum equipment to help reduce noise while in motion and to preserve the life of your Vehicle Upfit. Aluminum is spectacular because it is durable yet flexible. The service mechanic package will withstand all you can throw at it, and more! This equipment is then installed in our fiberglass slip-in truck capsules which maximize cargo space in for your equipment storage. This capsule is made of one mold and is completely sealed from the elements and eliminating condensation entry points. It is able to be transferred between trucks by lifting from the inside roof, it’s the most durable fiberglass capsule on the market.

These vehicle packages allow you to Get More Done whilst increasing efficiency.

Benefits of these Trade Packages Include:
• Rust-free
• Reduced Noise
• Adaptable
• Durable
• Easily Transferable
• One-Piece Molded Capsule
• Watertight
• 10 Year Warranty
• Fuel Savings
• Fit to suit your vehicle
• North American made

Check out how easily they can be installed here.

Our transferable slip-in service capsules can fit into most models; Dodge Ram, Nissan Titan, Ford F250, Ford F150, Toyota Tundra, GMC Sierra, Chevrolet Silverado, Ford F250 Super Duty, Ford F350 Super Duty, Ford F450 Super Duty, plus so many more.

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