Planning your 2022 Vehicle Fleet: Why Getting Started Now Will Change Your Business

Planning your 2022 vehicle fleet

Planning your 2022 vehicle fleet is something that you need to start now to ensure you give your business the best possible chance to avoid potential stock delays to your vehicle or fleet in 2022. As we know 2021 has been filled with barriers to receiving new vehicles for everyone; from chip shortages to Covid, to supply chain disruptions, and extreme weather conditions causing roads to be washed away. With delays expected into 2023 we want to ensure that you don’t miss out on getting the quickest turnaround when your vehicle does land at our facility in 2022.

With the year quickly coming to a close, have you got your vehicles and vehicle upfitting packages for 2022 sorted? Sterling is here to assist you in the planning, designing and build of all your commercial vehicles! We have the experience, and know-how to ensure that you get your vehicle on the road sooner than your competitors!

Here are some Sterling tips to ensure you are planning your 2022 vehicle fleet now, to help get your fleet get on the road sooner.

1. Secure Your Vehicle

Don’t risk missing out on getting a vehicle in 2022. We recommend contacting your local dealer to ensure that you get your order placed now. With the uncertainty with the Chip Shortage, your vehicle can take longer than usual to arrive. By placing your vehicle order now, you are giving your business the best opportunity to get your vehicle before orders are placed in the new year.

We have Gas Cargo 2022 Ford Transit Pool Stock vehicles on order that will be delivered directly to our facility, ready to be upfitted and delivered to you – ensuring a speedy delivery time right to your door! To secure these vehicles, you will need to get a minimum upfit of $7,000. Our knowledgeable team can work with you, or your customer to design a layout that will help them Get More Done.

Can’t find a vehicle but have an immediate need? Sterling can help you out! We have contacts across Canada and the USA that we can reach out to! We are the full turn key solution experts and that includes helping you with the full package. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Sterling, and we will do what we can to get you behind the wheel of a new vehicle.

2. Plan Your Van Upfit Package

By organizing your package now, you will ensure that you receive the fastest turn around time. With a layout, and package pre-planned the vehicle will come to us to have the commercial equipment installed. By streamlining this, and pre-planning you will have zero downtime as the vehicle is not sitting around while the package is being planned. We offer the complete consultative service; we can help design a layout that allows you to get maximum storage capacity from your van. We can design a custom package, or you can select from any of our pre-designed van packages! We have an extensive variety of products and packages to customize your van or truck exactly to your needs and to turn your regular commercial vehicle into a profit generating, efficiency increasing, productivity enhancing mobile work station.

We have been installing van equipment in all the various models of cargo vans for almost 20 years; so, it’s safe to say we have the knowledge & know how, to help you get more from your cargo van. Not only will you have a highly organized storage system, but we make life easier for your technicians; allowing them to perform at their best, ensuring your customers are happy and maximizing profits.

Sterling Fleet Outfitters is here to help you through the entire van upfitting process. From designing a space optimizing, profit producing, workspace, to helping you choose the right vehicle, we do it all. Talk to our knowledgeable team and discover how we make the process as simple as possible for you. We can meet you at our facility, on your jobsite or via a video call to ensure you get exactly what you need for your business.

3. Organize Your Slip-In Service Capsule

By ordering your capsule early, we can ensure that a capsule is assigned to you before your vehicle even arrives at your location. This allows us to install any equipment and ship the capsule to your location when your truck is also on route to your location. Again, we are trying to minimize the downtime of your truck sitting around waiting for the cap to be completed. As we all know, an idle vehicle is not making your company any money, servicing your customer or keeping your team busy!

Unsure of the size capsule that will suit your business? Check out our options here, we have caps for 6.5’ & 8’ truck beds with 3 heights available. We specialize in pre-designed packages for companies in the telecommunications industry, oil & gas, fire investigation, landscapers, police dive teams, power washing, service mechanics, and so much more!

Planning your 2022 vehicle fleet Planning your 2022 vehicle fleet Planning your 2022 vehicle fleetGetting your vehicle upfitting organized early will give you overall peace of mind knowing that you have done everything you can during this trying time to get your vehicle on the road as soon as possible. Through it all, Sterling is here to help you through the design and build phase; from plumbers to telecommunication technicians, we have a team that will ensure that you have a fully loaded and optimized mobile tool box. A well thought out, and designed package will motivate yout team, increase your efficiency on the job site, satisfy new and existing customers & increase your overall billable hours. Give Sterling a call and learn how we can help your fleet.

When you choose Sterling, you choose peace of mind, knowing your vehicle is outfitted to with the utmost care, attention, and safety in mind. Sterling knows that if your vehicle isn’t working, it isn’t earning money. If it doesn’t perform the way you need, it’s reducing your efficiency. We understand what mobile professionals want from their vehicles. We listen and offer innovative, productivity-boosting solutions. Whether you’re fitting a commercial van, looking for a truck cap that suits your particular line of work, or you just need commercial vehicle accessories that make the job easier, we can help you Get More Done.

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