Construction Pickup Package

Is your fleet ready for a Safe, Tough & Secure solution?

Increase your efficiency on the jobsite with Sterling’s PickupPack. This package ensures your equipment will be safely transported to your site in an organized way. The PickupPack ensures you are not wasting any time searching for your gear, allowing you to Get More Done and increase your billable hours. This setup is extremely ergonomic, minimizing the number of potential injuries your team has when reaching, climbing and lifting equipment from your vehicle.

This is the perfect alternative to an aluminum canopy topper as it will ensure the security of your tools, but also offers additional benefits such as outlasting your truck. No need to go easy on the PickupPack; with a 10-year warranty, you can be rest assured that this product will handle everything you throw at it, and more. With quick install, and the ability to transfer the bedpack from truck-to-truck, you really are guaranteed a product that will never let you down.

What makes the PickupPack Standout?
1. Safe – Reducing health & safety injuries by having the ability to easily access your tools with minimal bending & climbing into the rear. The package offers better visibility around the rear of the truck compared to other storage options.

2. Tough – Made from Military Grade Aluminum, this package is of heavy-duty construction and will not rust. With a 10-year warranty you can be rest assured knowing that it won’t let you down. This package is a real head turner when pulling into the job site. Let’s be honest, it looks awesome!

3. Secure – Fully locking bed coverage for secure tool storage; this gives you peace of mind knowing that when you lock the bedpack, your tools will be secure. The bedpack is fully sealed to keep equipment protected from the elements.

The PickupPack by Sterling Fleet Outfitters allows your crew to work more efficiently and is more friendly for their bodies. Your team will now be reaching for their tools from a workable height. Gone are the days of climbing into your truck bed just to reach that drill that moved around and out of place when you were trying to get to the jobsite on time. With all your tools at a workable level, you reduce the chance of injury for your team.

Sterling’s PickupPack organizes your truck bed which will boost our team’s efficiency. Each tool will have a place; no need to spend valuable time searching for your tools when they can be safely secured in an organized space.

Have you done a recent calculation of how much the tools & equipment you take with you to the jobsite are worth? Can you afford for your gear to be lost or stolen? The bedpack is lockable and is made from military grade aluminum, giving you that peace of mind knowing your gear is as secure as it can be.

Learn more by watching this short clip here.

Base Package Includes:
– 2x Full Access Tapered Lid Side Boxes with Removable Tray
– Removable Center Hatch with Gas Assist Shocks and Rear Tailgate Flange
– Heavy Duty Mesh Cab Guard

Common Add-Ons:
– Bedslide – 2000lbs Capacity
– 4x LED Amber Strobe Lights – 2x mounted on cab guard | 2x mounted in front grill
– Backup Alarm with Switch for on/off
– 2x LED Rectangular Work Lamps – Mounted on Cab Guard

Safe & Ergonomic Workspace

No more climbing, reaching or extending to access your tools. With the PickupPack package, your team will not have to strain 95% of the time to get their equipment. We have highlighted in green on the bed pack where your team can access their tools without having to over extend their bodies. This reduces the possibility of your team getting injured when at the job site!

Product Features

Low Side Boxes

  • Tapered design allows for easy visibility into the box as well as easier access.
  • Lid closes over an internal rain gutter, preventing water entry entirely.
  • Stainless Steel T-Handle cinches the lid securely shut in two points with two oversized steel rods.
  • Each low side box comes with a removable storage tray for easy access and improved organization.

Center Hatch

Dome Style Aluminum lid to allow for increased storage area and security. This has a built in rain gutter to keep your equipment dry, and rear flanges extend and lock over the tailgate for increased security.

Cab Gaurd

Protects your rear window, and team if any loose item becomes a projectile.


2000lbs capacity with 70% extension & 1 handle operation for ease of use.

We Make it Easy!

Live near our facility or in Florida? Not a problem! Our PickupPack can be professionally installed at our facility, or we can ship it straight to your door! It’s that easy to get your fleet the hardworking product it deserves! Ordering from the USA? Take advantage of the $ exchange rate and buy more, for less!

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