Aluminum Topper Cap vs. Slip in Service Cap

Outlast Your Truck: Slip-in Service Cap vs DCU Aluminum Topper Cap

Cab-height slip-in service truck capsule on gmc truck

Outlast Your Truck: Slip-in Service Cap vs DCU Aluminum Topper Cap

Outlast Your Truck

Tired of dealing with leaky truck boxes and your tools getting wet? It’s no secret that the Aluminum Topper Cap models vary and your bed stops being waterproof, costing you in the end.

Spot the Difference: Sterling’s Cap vs. Aluminum Topper Cap

Sterling’s Fiberglass Capsule

  • Universal Fit
  • Slip-in Capsule
  • 10 year average lifespan
  • Heavy duty build quality
  • 1-5 week timeline
  • Easily transferrable to other makes or models with same bed length
  • No leaks
  • 1 piece mold
  • Available with side access doors
  • Hold Stock
  • Interior outfitting can be complete by SFO and shipped anywhere in North America – Maintains fleet uniformity

DCU Aluminum Topper Cap

  • Specific fit
  • Topper cap
  • 3 year average lifespan
  • Light duty build quality
  • 6-8 week lead time
  • Not recommended to transfer to new truck, if required, only to same truck and model year
  • Potential for leaks
  • Panels joined together
  • Available with side access doors
  • Customer order every time
  • Interior outfitting components will need to be shipped and installed as individual components (if upfitting not being complete by Sterling)

Let’s Save You Money!

Over a 10 year timeline you could own one of Sterling’s Truck Caps, or 3 of the DCU Aluminum Topper Cap. This allows you to save money by transferring the cap to a new truck instead of having to get a whole new setup. Sterling’s cap is the difference maker. It has a universal fit with all of the big name pickup trucks, it is 100% sealed resulting in dry equipment and 0 downtime, and they allow you to get on the road sooner with a smaller leadtime.

Are you ready to transform your work truck? Sterling’s cab height truck cap is the perfect replacement to a DCU aluminum truck cap, and is the ultimate truck upfitting option on the market.

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Cap Height Truck Cap
6'5'' Mid-size Truck Cap
8 feet full-size premium slip-in truck capsule
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