Sterling's Process of Outfitting Vehicles

Our Process

Sterling's Process

Our Process

Sterling’s Process

With technology taking the lead in nearly every purchase you make, the hardest part of making a purchase is the follow-up. Often companies make it seamless for you to buy something – up until they have your payment. What about when you need to contact them after you’ve made the order? Sterling knows this is where many buyers get frustrated. They call back their previous contact only to be passed through multiple hands in the company. We also know that we need the full support of each team member to provide the highest quality experience. That’s why we want to let you know what Sterling’s  process is and who can expect to be speaking with and when.

Step 1 of Sterling’s Process– Consult

This is when you first reach out to us. You likely have an idea of what you want and need and now it’s our job to bring your vision into reality. Our experienced sales team will spend time discussing what your needs are and what you are hoping to get out of your vehicle.

  1. Speaking with one of our sales representatives we will figure out your needs and preferred products and recommend your best options;
  2. The sales representative will pass this information onto our quoting team who will build a unique quote including your products and estimated install time; and
  3. Once you have approved the quote, we will create a layout to ensure the best use of available space.

Our sales team is committed to providing the best solution for you. If that means re-arranging a current package to best suit your work habits, we have you covered.

Step 2 of Sterling’s Process – Schedule

Once the details are worked out, we need to ensure we have what you need and get you scheduled. Our Operations Team processed your order seamlessly. They ensure that we have the parts you need in-stock and if we don’t, we order it!

After we have your products -or know when they’re coming- you will talk to our scheduling coordinator and find the earliest compatible date.

Step 3 – Install

With the detailed layout and our skilled install technicians, we know every element of your upfit and how it’s going to fit into your vehicle.

Depending on what you have chosen your vehicle could have a couple of different installers working on it. We find our employees’ strong points and let them do what they’re great at. With technicians specializing in wiring, assembly, flooring etc. you are sure to get the highest quality fit and finish available.

Step 4 – Delivery/Pick Up (The last step in Sterling’s Process)

Many of our customers are large fleets or busy tradesmen. They often either don’t have time to come and pick up their vehicle or they are just too far to drive. That’s why we are able to help arrange delivery right to you. We probably already worked this out during step 2. However, if we didn’t simply let us know that you’d like us to arrange delivery for you!

There you have it, four easy steps from the beginning to end of your vehicle outfitting service. If you need to speak with us feel free to use this guide to ask for your desired department! Alternatively, our reception is highly knowledgeable. By letting them know where you are in this process, they can direct you to the appropriate person. Sterling wants to help you save time and in turn, get more done.


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