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Our Online Shop is Open!

Online Shop

Our Online Shop is Open!

Shop Online With Sterling!

We’re so excited to announce the opening of our online shop on our website! Our shop is available across North America to help your company Get More Done on the road. Our shop features products that will arrive at your door and assist you in getting your vehicles on the road faster. We have a wide range of standard products for all major commercial vehicles which provide a good starting point for outfitting your vehicle. 

Why Shop Online With Sterling?

Sterling’s Online Shop makes it easy for you to purchase our products and have them delivered right to your door.

Sterling’s Four Guarantees:

  • All products featured on our online shop will always be in-stock
  • Free Shipping for Online Orders over $1,750 (CAD) & $1,500 (USD) *Pre Tax Amount
  • Our products will ship out within 24 hours for Canadian Orders and within 48 hours for USA Orders
  • We have a dedicated Customer Care Team that is here to help in any stage of your online shop journey


What Does “Buy Online” Mean?

All items in the “Buy Online” section of our website are for purchase and can be shipped across North America straight to your business or front door, ready to be installed. 

Don’t feel like picking up the phone or talking to us today? You can get the same awesome service and products Sterling is known for with just a couple of clicks.

I’m ready to buy, take me to the shop


What if the product I want is not Displayed in the “Buy Online” Section?

Just because your product isn’t in the “Buy Online” section of our website does not mean you can’t purchase it for your commercial fleet needs; it simply means it’s a work in progress. We aim to have all of our products online, but by starting with a small amount of products, we can ensure your purchasing process goes smoothly. 

If you have inquiries about a product not listed in the “Buy Online” section, visit our product page or contact our Sales Team at:

Call: 604.576.2300

Toll Free: 1.888.214.0333

Examples of Sterling’s Online Shop Product Range

We guarantee we will have the item you want stock and ready to be purchased, ensuring no down time and no waiting for you!

Ready to purchase?

Here are some links to our customers’ frequently purchased items:

                         Online Shop - shelf                    Online Shop - shelf                   


                         Online Shop - partition                                           Online Shop - ladder rack

                        Online Shop - shelving bin                                        Online Shop - partskeeper unit

Installation Guides

We have provided you with installation guides for all products sold on Sterling’s Online Shop for an easy and frustration-free installation. 

Find the installation guides at the bottom of the product pages. 

Online Shop

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