Mercedes Sprinter Upfit Options

Mercedes Sprinter Upfit

Upfit Options For Mercedes Sprinter

Mercedes Sprinter Upfit Options - Commercial Van Equipment Outfitter

The Award-Winning Mercedes Sprinter continues to be a choice of industry professionals for small businesses as a versatile work-utility cargo van. It is available in multiple lengths and roof height variants and can be customized depending on your trade needs. Sterling Fleet offers several package customization options for a Mercedes Sprinter upfit. Custom tailor these vans with any combination of drawer systems, ventilation, and security for your business on the go.

Our products for Outfitting Mercedes Sprinter include shelving, ladder racks, safety partitions, wall lining kits, lift gates, windows and much more. Sterling Fleet commercial van equipment is designed to maximize the use of available space and to improve ergonomics and access to your tools & equipment.

Upfit Options

Sterling offers many products to customize the load out of your Mercedes Sprinter van, suited to your individual needs and trade.

The Mercedes Sprinter is great as if gives you a lot of flexibility of products you can pack into it. No matter what wheelbase or roof height you choose, we have the solution for you. We have aluminum and steel shelving options, drawers to secure your tools, and ladder racks to help you Get More Done on the job site. We are the upfit solution experts, and we have the products to back this up.

Check out our products for a Mercedes Sprinter Upfit and build your own quote on the fly, or if you have any questions, feel free to Contact Us.

Drop Down Ladder Racks For Mercedes Sprinter

Sterling Fleet Outfitters sells ergonomic drop down ladder racks for many standard vehicles such as the Mercedes Sprinter.

To learn more about this product, check out this video. Don’t miss out on seeing our latest updates and newest upfits. Click here to view our Get More Done moments.

This video demonstration shows just how easy our ladder racks can reduce stress on your back and shoulders while securing your work ladders, especially on taller vehicles.

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