Maximize Your Electric Vehicle’s Efficiency With Sterling

Maximize Your Electric Vehicle’s Efficiency With Sterling

Electric Vehicles will be coming to the commercial vehicle space before we know it, and Sterling is prepared. We have all the right equipment to allow you to get the most range out of your electric vehicle. We have an extensive collection of lightweight van and pickup truck equipment that won’t slow you down and will allow you to maximize your vehicle’s distance capacity.

What We Know So Far – Commercial E-Vans

Ford E-Transit Cargo

 Ford E Transit

The Ford E-Transit Cargo Van (Full Size) offers the same comfort & size as their gasoline powered Transit vans, however the E-Transit is powered by an all-electric powertrain that allows businesses to have similar benefits while not having to sacrifice capabilities and uses of their work van. With a huge array of standard options, the Ford E-Transit Cargo Van will not compromise cargo space as the battery is located under the body of the vehicle. It comes equipped with enough onboard power  to charge and power your day-to-day tools from drills, saws, laptops, phones, scanners and more. This eliminates the need for an inverter and keeps you efficient on the jobsite. This vehicle will be rolled out in 2022.


  • The battery is located under the vehicle which means you can maximize the cargo space.
  • The E-Transit van comes in 3 roof heights (Low, Med & High), and 3 wheelbases (130″, 148″ & 148″ ext.).
  • Improved interior walk-through. The center console has been re-designed to allow for ease of access into the rear.
  • Estimated range of 200 km.
  • Huge technology upgrade (Sync 4, Over-the-air-updates, Ford Telematics, Ford Data Services, New In-Vehicle Apps).
  • Improved driver comfort with Ford Co-Pilot360 Technology and Smart Acceleration Truncation.
  • Payload of 3,800lbs
  • 67-kWh battery pack
  • Targeted starting MSRP of under $45,000 USD


Mercedes eSprinter

Mercedes e-Sprinter

The Mercedes eSprinter Cargo Van is coming to North America with a wide range of options available. The vans will be available as high roof panel vans with 2 different battery capacity options. From the various sizes of battery packages, the eSprinter will satisfy current customers, while having the ability to target a whole new customer segment, such as transport and last mile delivery.  The eSprinter will offer much of the same characteristics as the fuel models that are currently available so your cargo capacity won’t be heavily impacted. These vehicles will be built in the U.S. at Mercedes’ current Sprinter and Metris production plant in North Charleston, South Carolina, and is going to be available in 2023.


  • Offers a maximum load volume of roughly 370 cubic feet, which is the same as its combustion engine model.
  • Battery capacity of 55 kWh, the eSprinter offers a total range of around 150 kilometres and maximum payload of roughly 1965lbs.
  • Battery capacity of 44 kWh achieves a range of up to 115 kilometres and maximum payload of roughly 1040 kilograms.
  • Just like on the entry-level diesel variant of the vehicle, the electric drive delivers 85 kW; it offers as much as 300 Newton meters of torque

What We Know So Far – E-Pickup Trucks

Ford F-150 Electric

Ford F-150 Electric

The all-new Ford F-150 ‘Lightning’ electric Pickup Trucks will deliver the same comfort and performance as the current model but Ford promises to offer the most powerful pickup truck in its current lineup. With an estimated market-ready date in the first quarter of 2022 it sure will bring a lot of buzz and excitement to the road. The Ford F-150 Electric Pickup Truck will be powered by two motors. The battery’s assembly will be conducted at the $700 million Rogue Electric Vehicle Center when completed. Ford has revealed that having a battery pack will allow it to provide more than 40% savings over its lifetime total cost over its operation.


  • With a huge front trunk, it will secure important cargo and deliver a safer vehicle.
  • This vehicle will feature Ford Intelligent Backup Power that will be able to fully power a home for up to 3 days on a fully charged battery – or up to 10 days by rationing power.
  • 370km estimated range – or 480km with the extended range battery
  • Targeted 10,000lbs of towing capacity
  • Target 2000lbs of payload capacity


Chevrolet Silverado Electric

Chevrolet Silverado Electric

The Chevrolet Silverado Electric Pickup Truck is aiming to deliver the longest range yet for all the electric pickup trucks that have been announced. Put that with its huge amount of electricity on board and it will certainly pack a punch giving it the ability to transport more equipment to the various job sites. The range is being delivered as they are double stacking the batteries. Having such a large range, allows for a total customization of truck equipment that can be installed as there will be less concerns with the amount of weight being loaded. The release date of the vehicle is expected to be in 2023 or 2024.


  • Estimated Range of 640km on a full charge.
  • Built in the company’s Factory ZERO assembly plant in Detroit and Hamtramck, Michigan.
  • The range will be achieved by stacking battery modules two high.
  • Battery pack that can store as much as 200.0 kWh of electricity on board.
  • Aiming to look similar to current gas powered Chevy Silverado model.

How Sterling Can Maximize the Range of Your Electric Vehicle

Sterling Fleet Outfitters has the right equipment for the new e-vehicles coming to the market. We use Aluminum equipment to help reduce noise while in motion and to preserve the life of your Vehicle Upfit. Aluminum is spectacular because it is durable yet flexible and lightweight.

Aluminum Shelving

We offer a range of different shelving widths in both high roof and low roof options.

Electric Vehicle Electric Vehicle Aluminum Shelving

Electric Vehicle

Aluminum Ladder Racks

The Cargo Ladder Rack has a flat bar design which is especially popular because it makes bringing sheet supplies to the job seamless.

The Double Clamp Ladder Rack with 2 bars is a popular choice for a cargo van because it has the ability to carry multiple extension ladders. It has a secure place designated for additional ladders on the driver’s side.

The Double Clamp Ladder Rack with 3 bars is just like the 2 bar version but with an additional bar for more storage options.

Aluminum Safety Partitions

The Contoured Safety Partition provides maximum separation of the cargo area from the cab of your commercial van.

Electric Vehicle

The Straight Walk Through Safety Partition has an open center providing the ability to access your cargo when parked.

The Straight Partition with sliding door provides easy access to the cargo area of your van but also provides a barrier to the cab of your van.

Electric Vehicle

Lightweight Wall and Door Lining Kits

Our Dura Therm wall and door lining kits are comprised of dual polypropylene outer skins laminated to a central fluted plastic core with a backed foam and foil insulation. This product  aids with noise-deadening and temperature control as well as being very lightweight.

Electric Vehicle

Pickup Truck Headache Rails

This Truck Rack is made from aluminum and is intended for transporting everything you need to take with you to the job site. The Aluminum Truck Rack has many different add-ons for you to choose from; such as work winches, cab guards and side storage boxes. From transporting pipes, to sheet materials, this rack will give your staff the ability to take everything they need with them to the job site.

Sterling’s Aluminum Equipment Electric Vehicle Outfits

Here are some examples of vehicle outfits we’ve done featuring our lightweight aluminum equipment.



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