How to Maximize Your Existing Vehicle

Existing Vehicle

Maximize the Potential of Your Existing Vehicles

Commercial Vehicle Shortage

We’re sure by now most people are aware of the shortage of new commercial vehicles in North America. This shortage makes getting a new work truck or van for your fleet, increasingly more difficult by the day. With the timeline as to when we all will start seeing new vehicles hit the market predicted to be in the late Fall, early Winter, we must adapt in the meantime to ensure that the wheels keep turning! Sterling can help your business succeed whilst in the midst of the commercial vehicle shortage by utilizing your existing vehicle.

How Sterling Can Help Utilize Your Existing Vehicle

Can’t get a new van with the vehicle shortage? Get your existing vehicle professionally outfitted to your preferences with Sterling. Check out how we can transform an existing vehicle into an efficient and profit producing set up. Sterling knows your company and technicians have ever changing needs, and we’re here to accommodate. Bring your current vans and trucks into Sterling for their 1st outfit or their 5th outfit!

One of our clients recently came back to Sterling for a second upfit on the same van. This time around we added in more aluminum shelving with bins and dividers to organize smaller tools and keep them from sliding around, as the customer required additional storage options in their van. Our Shelving systems help you separate and store items uniquely to the space they need.

Existing Vehicle     Existing Vehicle

(First Outfit)

Existing Vehicle     Existing Vehicle

(Second Outfit)

Products to Add to Your Existing Vehicle Outfit

Ladder Racks

We have a wide range of ladder racks to choose from to perfectly match your needs. One of our most popular models is the drop down ladder rack. We have a double side and a single side drop down ladder rack. They are a popular choice for a work van because they enable you to easily load/unload your ladder from your roof. It increases your teams safety and more.

Partskeeper Units

Sterling’s Partskeeper Unit 8 Carry Cases are perfect for you if you carry small parts on the job. We also have a new unit that stores 8 Partskeeper Carry Cases at a time with 2 shelves on top.


Carry Cases

Sterling’s carry cases compile all of your small easily-lost pieces into one locking unit with customizable separation bins, allowing you to easily transport those parts onto the job site.


Additional Shelving

Sterling’s shelving units allow you to shelve your tools while being more organized and efficient. This makes it easier to safely and securely transport your equipment in your cargo van. Don’t waste time searching for loose equipment in your vehicle! Our shelving and tool storage units are designed with security in mind. Keeping boxes locked and stored away keeps your tools from damage and unscrupulous thieves.

We offer two options of shelving material: Aluminum and Steel. Aluminum van shelving is a great option because it is the most durable and noise reducing option available. Steel van shelving is a great option because it is strong, tough and reliable, while being a slightly lower cost compared to the aluminum.



(High Roof Shelving)


(Low Roof Shelving)



Fiber Optic Access Door

This door allows ease of access in and out of the vehicle without having to open your door fully. No more tangled cables.

fiber optic access door

Flettner Vent

A flettner vent is a great addition if you want to keep your van clean and fume free.

Seat Covers 

We offer seat covers for a wide range of commercial vehicles including: Ford Transit, Ford Transit Connect, Chevy Express, GMC Savana, Mercedes Metris, Mercedes Sprinter, Ram Promaster, Ram Promaster city, Nissan NV200, Ford F150


We have both fixed and swivel hooks to help with your commercial vehicle’s organisation.

Puck Locks

Sterling’s Aluminum puck locks are a great add on to your van for additional security and safety. We have options available for a multitude of different commercial vans including Ford Transit, Mercedes Metris, Nissan NV, Nissan NV200, Ram ProMaster, Chevy Express and GMC Savana.

Upgrading Your Pickup Truck

Maximizing the potential of your existing vehicle doesn’t just apply to commercial vans, it applies to your pickup truck too! Sterling offers many products that can make your current truck function at its best.

Truck Canopies

Sterling’s truck caps are lightweight, one-piece fiberglass molded capsules, designed to maximize your work and storage space. They are ideal for many mobile workshop scenarios such as Fiber Optic Splicing, Electricians and Contractors. Their one-piece fiberglass construction makes them an excellent choice for a mobile workshop for your commercial truck. They are lightweight and aerodynamic which reduces drag and fuel consumption. They can be easily transferred to a new vehicle saving you thousands of dollars for your fleet. We offer a wide range of slip-in service caps including: Fiber optic splicing caps, 8′ full size premium truck cap, 8′ full size standard truck cap, 8′ mid-size truck cap, 8′ cab height truck cap, 6.5′ full size premium truck cap, 6.5′ mid-size truck cap, 6.5′ cab height truck cap, and 6′ cab height compact cap. Check out our line of truck caps here. 

Hitch Step

A hitch step is the perfect addition to your pickup truck if you’re constantly entering/exiting a slip-in service capsule. It adds accessibility and safety.

Our Online Shop

Our online shop is full of products to add to your vehicle upfit. Just because you can’t get a new vehicle doesn’t mean you cant upgrade your existing vehicle. Our online shop makes it easy for you to purchase items for your vehicles and have them delivered right to your door.

Why Shop Online With Sterling?

Sterling’s Four Guarantees:

  • All products featured on our online shop will always be in-stock
  • Free Shipping for Online Orders over $1,750 (CAD) & $1,500 (USD) *Pre Tax Amount
  • Our products will ship out within 24 hours for Canadian Orders and within 48 hours for USA Orders
  • We have a dedicated Customer Care Team that is here to help in any stage of your online shop journey

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