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Companies that manage vehicle fleets have unique requirements. Maintaining a consistent visual identity aids in conveying the company’s brand, and adopting a standardized layout enhances efficiency, especially when work crews transition between different vehicles. In certain cases, there is a necessity to customize vehicles extensively for specific tasks while ensuring they still adhere to an overall uniformity.

Discover the transformative impact of over two decades of upfitting expertise on your fleet. Let us help you maximize your fleet’s potential, achieve top-tier safety standards, enhance driver comfort, boost productivity, and optimize costs. Experience what it means to have Sterling Fleet Outfitters as your go-to source for upfit solutions

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Sterling to Upfit Your Fleet

  • Expert design and consultation.
  • Consistent, predictable pricing.
  • Quality control – each vehicle will meet the same standard and specification.
  • Efficient project management and scheduling.
  • Lower delivery costs and hassle.

Certified by Transport Canada, this gives Fleet Managers confidence in the quality of work and future safety of their technicians.

Diverse Products:
We design, manufacturer, source and install high-quality components to deliver a custom solution that performs exactly the way your work crews demand.

Seamless Service:
From initial inquiry to after-sales warranty, our well-defined process ensures you receive the highest possible level of support.

Commercial Vans

Sterling’s van equipment products will allow you to have a well-organized, efficient & enjoyable workspace for your commercial van fleet, making your life on the road more enjoyable whilst making it easier for you to locate everything you need to perform at your best when you arrive to the jobsite. Our product range units ultimately have a huge impact on your billable hours; as you will increase your efficiency, allowing you to take on more jobs while keeping your customers incredibly satisfied!

Fiber Optic Splicing Vehicles

Sterling Fleet Outfitters is the industry leader when it comes to outfitting commercial vehicles with packages for the telecom & fiber optic splicing industry. We offer a variety of packages that ensure your technicians have an efficient, safe & productive work environment to perform their duties. Our fiber optic splicing packages enable crews to reach those rural locations, allowing you to satisfy more customers and to Get More Done.

Slip-In Service Capsules

We have packages for many industries including; telecommunicationsservice mechanicslandscapersfire investigationsutility contractorsdelivery companiespolice dive teamsoil & gascontractorsfiber splicers & so much more. These packages all fit in our slip-in service capsule which is a one-piece fiberglass watertight unibody. We have 3 sizes of truck cap available to suit all truck beds.

Pick-up Trucks

At Sterling, we offer a range of commercial truck equipment for the outfitting of commercial pickup trucks. Our main goal is to create a vehicle package that will serve your needs day in and day out and help you Get More Done. We have a range of predesigned proven packages that not only help you be more efficient; they allow you to go to more places and service more customers!





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