Fleet Outfitting Standardization: What is it & what are the Benefits?

What is Fleet Standardization

What is Fleet Outfitting Standardization?
In a nutshell, Fleet Outfitting Standardization is the process of making something conform to a standard. In this sense, it’s all about having a small series of standard packages that you have installed into your vehicles. Standardizing your fleets outfitting offers your business the chance to save money, increase efficiency, and make your job easier, and more enjoyable! Here are some key benefits for standardizing your vehicle outfitting.

Standardizing your outfitting will allow for an increase in cost saving, not only for the products, but also your time. Say if you have 20 vehicles, and there are 20 different packages…how do you keep track of what is going on inside the vehicles? Every time a new vehicle is ordered, do you design the vehicle package from scratch?

By having a standardized layout, you don’t spend any wasted time going back-and-forth over the layout of the van. You simply inform the vendor of which package you would like & BOOM! It’s that easy.

Make More $, Get Home Earlier
Your technicians will love standardized packages as you will have an organized, efficient space to store and transport all their equipment to the jobsite. Knowing where everything is will make you more efficient on the jobsite as there is no wasted time searching for that drill that you threw in the back of the van. By spending less time searching for gear, being more organized and having an enjoyable work vehicle, you will increase your efficiency on the job, allowing your team to take on more jobs! With a team operating at full efficiency & productivity, there will be an increase in opportunity to finish the day, and reap the benefits of heading home earlier.

Get on the road sooner
Working with a vehicle outfitter to create standardized packages will allow you to receive your vehicle faster. The vehicle turn-around times are achieved efficiently as there is less time installing a pre designed package. Suppliers have the ability to stock all of your parts and the installers become familiar with the install. With all the admin, and install learning taken care of, the overall turn-around time will be short, and sweet!

Look good, feel good!
A work vehicle on the road is a crucial marketing tool for your business; existing and potential clients will see you everywhere you go. Having a package that is organized and tidy when you pull up to the job site will reassure your clients, that they have made the right decision. If you pull up, open the doors with your equipment everywhere, would your potential client think you will do a lazy job?

Having a standardized fleet will allow your business to give clients the best impressions no matter which technician is on the job.

Keeping it consistent
Do your technicians have a favorite vehicle that they have to work in everyday? Are there any particular vehicles that they rush to get to first as they know everything about that vehicle? Well, that’s the thing about fleet standardization, it’s all the same! No matter which vehicle the technicians drive, the vehicles will be laid out in the same way. This gives them confidence that when they pull up to the job site, they will know the location of all the equipment. Gone are the days of fighting over particular vehicles; standardize the fleet and achieve total consistency.

Building supplier-customer relationships
At Sterling, we view each outfit we do as an opportunity to build and grow a relationship with our clients. Through standardized packages we have managed to achieve this as we have been part of the outfitting process from start to finish. From meeting with technicians, supervisors, managers and directors we learn how everyone works and what will suit their needs. It’s our job to listen to your requirements and using out expertise offer suggestions, tips, and a solution that we believe will help your business be more successful. We are in the business of supporting our clients for the long haul. Having a relationship with your supplier not only helps with turnarounds, it helps with cost savings, and regular communication. If the supplier is able to purchase your products in bulk, they will then pass those savings along to you.

Let’s be real, it’s not perfect all the time but having a relationship with suppliers gives you an open platform to discuss any issues, and ways to rectify them. It also gives suppliers an opportunity to share new innovations and designs they believe would help your fleet. A simple win-win situation.

Proven Reliability
Have you ever sent your vehicle and crossed your fingers that it would turn out just how you want it? Well, with a standardized package, you know that you’re going to get the same quality, and layout. Once the packages have been designed, built, and tested you know that every time a vehicle comes back to you, it will be exactly how you wanted it!

Paying the bills
You get what you want, and you keep the accounting team happy! Now, that sounds like an ideal situation. By having one supplier do your vehicle upfitting, there are fewer contracts, and invoices to process.

How to get started
We can help you get started by assessing your current fleet, and their layouts. We love to meet with different techs to get their feedback on what they like, and improvements they think will help make their job easier. We’re not here just to help established companies improve their fleet, we love to work with new companies starting the process. Contact us to book an appointment with our knowledgeable team. Not to worry if you aren’t based in British Columbia, we offer virtual visits and can get started from there. We look forward to working with your business and helping with its fleet success!Make sure you keep up to date with our Get More Done moments, where we showcase the latest vehicle outfits for Fleet Outfitting Standardization! Click here to subscribe and view.

Talk to one of Sterling’s knowledgeable team members today to get started on your next vehicle outfit for Fleet Outfitting Standardization. We go through the entire process with you; from designing a layout, quoting & scheduling to in-person or virtual handovers. Get Started by contacting us here.

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