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Quality Fit and Finish

Sterling’s Quality Fit and Finish

One thing that sets Sterling apart is our ability to provide the highest quality fit and finish possible for our customers.  The look of their equipment is just as important as the boosted efficiency and high-quality products. Why does it matter? Well, it’s not only about the visual appeal but it’s also about safety and better noise control.

Visual Appeal

SFO's Fit and finish, clean van with air compressorThe visual aspect of our superior Fit & Finish helps our customers build their professional image. Having a tidy van with everything in its place will instill confidence in your customers.

They will feel more comfortable allowing your technicians to work without their supervision. The clean look will tell them you are organized and capable of getting the job done. As a bonus, they will love that your tools and equipment are cleaner and tracking in less dirt.




Quality Fit and Finish – Safety

Part of Sterling’s quality Fit & Finish includes our “No Sharp Edges” policy. Unlike many of our competitors, we ensure that every vehicle that leaves our facility is safe for the user. This includes, but isn’t limited to, sanding down sharp edges.

SFO's no sharp edges policy shown at work

One of our competitors neglected to do this for a customer before they came to us. The driver was injured by a sharp edge that was on their end panel. The employee was left with a fairly large gash on their arm. Employee injuries are devastating, not only is there the injury to worry about but also WorkSafe BC and the repairs needed to prevent future injuries – not to mention increased premiums, potentially costing your company thousands.

This customer ended up fixing the edge with some foam. It worked! But… after giving away your hard-earned money for a service done wrong, you have now just spent more to fix their mistake and it takes away from the visual aspect, we mentioned earlier.

We make sure to upfit your vehicle correctly the first time, to save you in the future!


Quality Fit and Finish – Noise Control

If there is one thing that we know about a vehicle with a bad Fit & Finish, it’s that they can be loud.  Driving around on today’s roads can be frustrating at its best, adding on a migraine caused by continual rattling from a shaky van outfit could be enough for an employee to start looking for a new job – with less hassle.  This rattling could possibly be the reason you can’t retain technicians.  In addition to our “No Sharp Edges” policy, we also have a “Rattle-Free” policy.

Our equipment is designed specifically for each type of van. That means there will be limited dead-space or bins squished into a shelf that is just a hair too small. When something doesn’t fit just right, it ends up rattling or squeaking. Our solution to this is – do it right the first time and make it fit. We have the ability to customize our products or custom-order products to suit your needs and criteria.

By choosing Sterling, you will end up saving money on claims and repairs. Furthermore, you will receive a far superior upfit than shopping elsewhere.

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