Choosing the Right Upfit: Why Fiber Optic Truck Canopies and Splicing Vans Are Gaining Popularity

Choosing the Right Upfit: Why Fiber Optic Truck Canopies and Splicing Vans Are Gaining Popularity

Choosing the Right Upfit: Why Fiber Optic Truck Canopies and Splicing Vans Are Gaining Popularity

Fiber optic technicians and fleet managers know how important it is to have the right tools and equipment on hand to get the job done efficiently and effectively. When it comes to service vehicles the go-to solution was once the pick-up truck with a trailer package. Today, the telecom industry has access to solutions that can provide more flexibility and productivity for fiber optic technicians.

When choosing your upfitting solution, it’s critical to look at your specific needs and while a trailer package could be a fine solution, Fiber Optic Truck Caps and Splicing Vans are gaining popularity. Let’s explore why.

Increased Mobility and Flexibility
Both the service truck with capsule or splicing van provides increased mobility and flexibility, allowing technicians to easily transport all the necessary equipment to the job site without having to worry about the limitations of a trailer.

Technicians who need to go off road in rural locations tend to prefer a truck and canopy as its more reliable in harsh conditions. Trailers can take a beating when pulled off road and technicians run the risk of getting stuck.

In urban settings, both the truck with cap, and the van are preferred over a trailer as they are easier to maneuver through city streets and much easier to park.

Improved On-boarding and Training of Technicians
Another aspect that fleet managers and business owners need to consider is the ease of on-boarding new technicians. With skilled tradespeople hard to come, employers are trying to remove any unnecessary barriers to hiring and retention. Many people are not familiar with how to drive a truck and trailer and may find the prospect unappealing, particularly of they are working in an urban setting. Operating a commercial van or a truck with capsule is a simple transition for anyone with a driver’s license.

And when it comes to technician training, the splicing van offers an additional benefit as two technicians can easily work in the space together. The van also offers multiple points of entry whether its through the cab, back or side door.

Fuel Efficiency
When it comes to fuel efficiency, the splicing van package is a clear winner so if that’s important to you, it’s the way to go. If a truck is your vehicle of choice, then you come out ahead with a slip-in capsule over a trailer. And with the price of gas these days, it’s good to consider solutions that can contribute to your bottom line.

Insurance and Theft
Don’t forget that when choosing a trailer you must add extra insurance for the separate unit which impacts your bottom line. Another thing to consider is the security of the tools which are more prone to theft when stored in a trailer.

In conclusion, while a truck pulling a trailer may seem like a practical option for fiber optic technicians and fleet managers, there are benefits with a splicing capsule or van package that cannot be ignored. Increased mobility and flexibility, improved on-boarding and training, and fuel efficiency are just a few of the benefits. Therefore, it is recommended that fleet managers and fiber optic technicians consider each use case to make the best decision to meet their specific needs.

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