Fiber Optic Splicing Truck Cap: Puck Lock, Generator Compartment & Access Door

Fiber Optic Splicing Truck Cap: Puck Lock, Generator Compartment & Access Door

Welcome back! Hopefully you have been following along. However, if you haven’t been, this series is on Sterling’s Fiber Optic Splicing Truck Cap. Last week we talked about the ladder rack, beacon, window and air conditioning unit. There are many more features and we’ll talk about a few more of these today.

Fiber Optic Access Door

One of the most important aspects of this capsule is the Fiber Optic Access Door. The door cut out is in the back of the unit. It will allow you to open the larger portion and bring in your cables. Once you have the bulk of them inside, you can close the larger door and keep the smaller portion open. It provides better temperature control for safety as well as your technician’s comfort.

Puck Lock

With theft on the rise, you’ll want to ensure your assets are safe. Our puck locks will secure the door of your capsule and keep your tools safe.

Image of the hasps used to secure a puck lock on a maranda/fiber optic splicing capsule. The left side of the image shows the piece the pin of the puck lock goes through. The right side shows the slot that the hasp will go through on the right door. Once the hasp is through the hole place your puck lock and lock it in place.

As you can see in the photos, the puck lock will be attached to a hasp on the left door with the right door overlapping. The hasp goes through a slot in the right door and prevents someone without a key from opening your capsule.

Generator Compartment

Our Fiber Optic Capsule includes a generator compartment with a slide-out tray and vented locking door. Your generator will be completely sealed off from the interior work space. This provides noise and fume control. The compartment door is vented and will allow for any residual gasses to exit even after it is closed.

For easier access the generator compartment comes with a slide out tray. Simply push the latch, slide the generator out and plug it into the capsule for power! Check it out in the video below.

Were you able to find some of the other features we previously showed you? How about the ones to come? Don’t forget to catch us next week to hear a little more about what your splicing capsule could have. Let Sterling help you get more done.

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