Fiber Optic Splicing Truck Cap: Ladder Rack, Beacon, Windows & A/C

Feature image for sterling's fiber optic truck cap first set of features. Side mount clamping ladder rack, amber beacon light, roof mount air conditioning unit and camper-style window.

Last week we scratched the surface on Sterling’s Fiber Optic Splicing Cap. Now, we’d like to let you in on a few of the features your cap could incorporate. The Splicing Cap is comprised of many different products. This will be the first of four posts informing you solely on what is included with our Fiber Optic Capsule.


Clamping Ladder Rack

A locking side mount ladder rack will be installed on the exterior driver’s side of the Splicing Capsule. It makes your ladder easily accessible when parked and safely secured while driving. Unlock your ladder by simply raising the leavers on the bottom of the rack and sliding up. Once you have released the ladder, lifting it slightly will unhook your ladder from the top mounts. Then you’re ready to get more done!


Amber Beacon

This rotating amber beacon light will let the public know when you are at work, keeping you safe. It has 912 lumens … but what does that really mean? This Flashlight Guide does a great job at explaining what lumens are. They also provide the chart below so you can make a more informed decision on how many lumens you may need.

Lumens brightness chart shows approximate example of how bright x amount of lumens is.

After checking out this chart you can see that the LED beacon used on the Fiber Optic Cap is nearly as bright as a car headlight. This provides a great range of visibility to let road users know there are workers ahead.



The Fiber Optic Splicing Cap also has a window cut out. This camper-style window provides natural light for increased visibility. As well as a view of your surrounding work area. By lifting the clip, you can slide the glass panel to open it. The window screen will protect your work area from insects and small debris.


Low Profile AC Unit

Controlling the temperature when working with fiber optic cables is extremely important for your tech’s safety. When parked in the hot sun, they risk heat stroke. This is why we have added a rooftop low profile air conditioning unit with 9200 BTU/hr.

Yet, again we run into a term that without being involved in the HVAC industry, could mean nothing to you.

Compact Appliance's BTU Chart based on room size. Starting at a room size of 150 sq. ft. up to 2,700 sq. ft.
Compact Appliance BTU Chart based on Room Size


As you can see from Compact Appliance’s chart above, roughly 1000 BTU/50 sq. ft. is needed in smaller spaces. This cap comes in two different sizes, either 365 or 375 sq. ft. So at 9200 BTU/hr, your capsule will have sufficient temperature control without sacrificing the AC unit’s lifespan.

Air conditioning is truly an added bonus when choosing Sterling’s Fiber Optic Capsule. Our one piece fiberglass cap is the only one on the market tough enough to withstand the installation and weight of the unit.

There you have it, four more reasons for you to switch from a splicing trailer to Sterling’s Splicing Cap. If you’re not convinced yet, check back next week for even more features or come and take an interactive tour of our demo capsule.