Fiber Optic Access Door – Which Size is for You?

The addition of Sterling’s Fiber Optics Access Door allows you to transform your regular Full Size Truck Capsule into a specialized telecommunications rig that gives your team the opportunity to splice anywhere, anytime. The Fiber Optics Access Door gives you the flexibility to splice at the jobsite and ensure the FOSC can easily enter the rear of your vehicle.

Which Size of Fiber Optic Access Door is for You?

29″ x 19″ Access Door

Application: Full Size Slip-In Service Capsule Rear Door
Size: 29″ x 19″ with 6″ cable door
Color: White
Includes Trim Ring
*Hardware Included

13″ x 13″ Access Door

Application: Van (Rear Door)
Size: 13″ x 13″ with 6″ cable door (12″ Interior Dimensions)
Color: White
Includes Trim Ring
*Hardware Included

Cable Door in Splicing Capsules

These splicing caps are versatile, lightweight and highly durable making it ideal for any work environment. Our fiber optic caps are the best in the market, they help technicians all over North America Get More Done. View Capsules

Cable Door in Splicing Vans

Sterling’s Fiber Optic Splicing Van package is the ultimate solution to increase efficiency, safety and accuracy on the job site. Our fiber optic van splicing packages allows your team to Get More Done on the job site as you will be more efficient and effective. This packages offer you everything you need within arm’s reach, and will give you confidence to take on more jobs! View Packages

Cable Door in Splicing Trailer


These builds are designed for you to operate 100% remotely in a safe environment. They will give you the confidence that when you arrive at a job site, you know that you will be able to get the job done. With the Fiber Optic Splicing Trailer Package your team can operate at full capacity in a safe, secure and efficient workspace. You have everything you need within arm’s reach; all of your equipment has a place and you can perform your job with confidence.

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